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    Looking For A Valentine, Ladies? This Gurgaon Man Can Be Your Boyfriend On Rent

    If you are single this Valentine’s Day, feeling lonely, and want what the couples have such as romantic dates, flowers, gifts, and red heart-shaped balloons, this Gurgaon man might have a solution to the first part of your problem.
    Updated at - 2023-02-14,19:54 IST
    boyfriend on rent gurgaon man

    Ladies, are you single this Valentine’s Day or week? Are you just scrolling through your Gram and seeing PDAs all around, listening to love songs on loudspeakers on a loop at offices or malls, and surrounded by pyach pyache prem (soggy mushy love) all around?

    What do you actually want? Do you want what the couples have such as romantic dates, flowers, gifts, and red heart-shaped balloons? Or do you want solitude and solo dates?

    While the last one you can do for yourself, for the other ones this Gurgaon man might have a solution.

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    Who Is Boyfriend On Rent?

    An entrepreneur from Gurgaon named Shakul Gupta announced on Instagram that he is providing a "Boyfriend on Rent" service for ladies. "I'm a kind and tolerant man. I can be your friend on Valentine's Day or just be a shoulder to cry on. If you want to be lazy, I can cook you any kind of food while you unwind, or I can serve as your makeup practice model," he added in the post.

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    Gupta also made it clear that neither a business nor a sexual purpose is being served by this service. He continued by saying that the primary goal of this concept is to provide romance and companionship. In the post, he said, "It’s remarkable how a compliment can make someone feel better about themselves, how a hug can make someone feel wanted, & how holding a person’s hand can make them feel reassured.”

    It was five years back, Gupta wrote a post online, "I'm a generous & open-minded man. I can give you my shoulder to lean on or be your friend this V-Day. I can double up as your make-up practice model, or if you prefer being lazy, I can make you any kind of food while you relax!" His post went viral and he got over 1,000 messages from interested women which was shocking to him. “I wanted to make my dates memorable for the women I was going to take out,” he wrote.

    And till date, he has been on over 50 dates with some “lovely” women, he said. “While my dates enjoy eating at fancy restaurants & going on long drives with me, I prefer the more intimate dates where I have deep conversations as I cook them a meal or star-gaze with them.”

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    Gupta, further, mentioned the backlashes he has been facing through the years. Trolls call him a "Gigolo", but he said his service helps his dates feel “loved, desired, seen, & listened to”. He added, “That's precisely why I get contacted.”


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