Last year, a report suggested a shocking number of rape cases a day. The report translated to 88 rape cases a day roughly. As we stand in 2021, not much changed. Neither the number of rape cases nor the insensitive remarks by 'powerful' Indians have come to an end. 

Recently, Uttar Pradesh State Women Commission member Meena Kumari passed an insensitive comment during an interview while responding to a question about the rising number of rape cases in India. 

UP Women Commission Member On Rising Number Of Rape Cases

Answering a question about the rising number of cases in India each day, she shared that along with the commission, the society too will need to do something to stop it. Society should keep a check on their girls, where they are going, and with whom. 

She further shared that girls should not be given any mobile phones because they keep talking on the mobile phone and later elope for marriage with the guy. 

Chairperson, Delhi Commission for Women, Swati Maliwal, shared the video on her Twitter handle and wrote how not the mobile phones but such bad mentality is the reason behind rapes in the country. 

Netizens React

As soon as the video interview went up on social media, it was flooded with comments. UP women commission member's comments on the rape cases in India left most Twitteratis in splits and they had the most hilarious replies for her. 


A user wrote, "Instead of this woman, we could have got a few cows for the job."

Another one wrote, "Inko yeh post kaise mil gyi? Yeh toh Mahilaon ki hi dushman hain."


"Some people don't know what to say on a topic and they prefer to puke out garbage from their mouth. This lady is one such example. She thinks that girls r the root cause of every problem though she herself is a women," wrote another one. 

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When People In Power Passed Insensitive Comments 

This comment is an addition to the long list of insensitive comments that have been passed on rape cases in the past. Remember when Uttarakhand Chief Minister, Tirath Singh Rawat alleged that women wearing ripped jeans are one of the biggest reasons why crime cases against women are increasing in India? 

In 2014, former Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh, Mulayam Singh Yadav, while opposing the death penalty to 3 men convicted in a gang rape case said that boys will be boys, they commit mistakes. He further said that first girls get friendly with boys and when they fight, they call it rape. 

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Here's a funny one. Haryana Khap Panchayat Leader according to his study shared that eating chowmein was the reason behind acts like rape. He said, "Chowmein leads to hormonal imbalance, evoking an urge to indulge in acts such as rape and sex. You also know the impact of chowmein, which is a spicy food, on our body. Hence, our elders too advised to eat light and nutritious food."

Former Andhra Pradesh Congress Chief, Botsa Satyanarayana while talking about Delhi gang rape case said, "Just because India achieved freedom at midnight does not mean that women can venture out after dark. They should ensure that they do not board buses with few passengers."

Women in India are clearly not safe, especially under such leadership. We can't really expect much from these people in power to do anything towards women's safety because of their 'mentality'.

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