Bathing in summers becomes a real nightmare when you switch on the shower and hot water trickles down your body making you feel absolutely uneasy. A feeling of relaxation is generally associated with bathing but in summers when the water in the tank heats up, that doesn’t remain the case any longer. When it's winter season, we need hot water so we have a water heating device installed, but there is no such common device that can be installed for cooling down the water for a calming bath session in summers. 

However, it’s not like you cannot do anything about the hot water coming through the pipes, follow these tips and keep the water in your tank nice and cool.

Use A Tank Cover

inssulation covers

Using a cover for the tank is one of the easiest ways to prevent the water inside it from turning hot. The cover jackets the entire tank and ensures a normal temperature in it not only in summers but in winters too.  It is because the cover is made with double insulation, both inside and outside, and works on the principles of flame retardant insulation technology. It reflects the heat waves away from the surface of the tank and also keeps the temperature inside the tank constant. Further, the cover is great for protecting your tank from harsh winters, heat, or mighty thunderstorms and helps in expanding its life.

Use Reflective Paint To Reflect Heat Waves

reflective paint

Backed by science, this is a great and affordable method to protect the water in the tank from becoming hot due to the high temperatures outside. All you have to do is paint the entire tank white and this will allow the surface to reflect the heat waves away. White is a reflective colour and it tends to reflect back whatever falls on it and this is what is responsible for the absorption of only a minimal amount of heat in the water(how hard water damages your skin) while the rest of it is reflected back. So, double coat both the interiors and exteriors of the tank with a good quality acrylic colour .

Enclosing The Water Tank 

enclosed installation

Another great way to work around your water tank in summers is to actually get it installed in an enclosed region where sunlight cannot reach. The isolated tank will offer you cool water as it will no longer be exposed to the direct heat of the sun.  If your tank is already fixed, you can get a brick box built around it to stop the heat from penetrating the tank. This will also potentially be able to keep your water tank in great condition for a longer period as it will be away from the hot, cold, and humid climate and remain safe inside the enclosure.

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Install Insulation Pipes

water tank

Insulation pipes also work wonders for maintaining the adequate temperature of the water as per the weather. The service pipes that the water travels through are also responsible for raising its temperature. Like the insulation covers prevent the water in the tank from turning hot, similarly, the insulated pipes allow the maintenance of the temperature of water travelling through them. 

So, if you really want to get rid of the hot water from the tank this season, then a combination of an insulating cover for the tank as well as the pipes will turn out to be an impeccable match and will facilitate the perfect bath shower(hot shower vs cold shower for skin) sessions for you all year round.

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