Are you getting your bathroom renovated or planning on doing so? In case you are confused as to how should you go about it given that there are so many options out there then you are at the right place. These tips will help you with perspective when it comes to buying hardware for your bathroom


There are so many styles and materials and although there are very few brands in India which are well known for bathroom related accessories, you have to ultimately buy what looks good as per your taste and fall in the budget. Get good quality but then do see your pocket as well. 

What Do You Need?

Make a list of what all you need before you begin shopping. Prepare a proper check list and how much will you be truly using it. Like many have an overhead shower and a hand shower installed but it depends on th eusage. If you use less of the hand shower, then don't get a very expensive one because that would be waste of money. 


Agreed sonetimes the brand matters but the cheaper brands today are also very comptetitve. Research on every item be it just a tap, the sink bowl or even just a caddy for the shower. See what the funchtioning of each is, whether it serves the purpose or is just for show, its durability and the look and feel. It should meet your needs so brand or no brand, it does not matter.

Affordable Good Quality

It is not necessary that good quality has to be expensive or the affordable would be of bad quality. Also do not just stick to buying things online, they tend to be different from what is in store. The faults and the features can only be noticed when you see the look and feel. 


bh one

Measure all the corners where whatever is to be fitted and that includes the shower panel to the sink. Certain things look pretty and classy when in store but they might not be apt for your space. In a small bathroom, a giant sink would look out of space. A big tap would look weird and non aligned with a small sink. An over crowded bathroom looks bad no matte rhow costly the fittings are. The functioning is more important than what it looks like in the end. 


There are certain accessories which can be slowly bought and installed over time, Do not rush yourself into buying them due to pressure. Set prioritoes and see what you need most. The necessary items are the sink, faucet, drains, showers and taps. The shelves can be brought later. Gewt a caddy which can accomodate your shower items. Then get the shelves after plannig and research. 

Apt Showerheads & Faucets 

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Get the faucet and showeread which is in sync with your rest of the bathroom. Your sink and tub should be syncronised and the same goes for your showerhead and faucet. If your fixtures are embellished, then you can opt for a brass and porcelain combo as well. But get what functions. There is no point in getting something expensive and pretty but useless at the end. 

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Lights play a major role in not just your rooms but your bathroom as well. Your bathroom should feel like another home and not just a place where you can take a dump. It shuld exude cosy and comfortable vibes, like a place where you can meditate, relx amid a shower and wash away the stress in life while showering. If the light is too harsh then there will always be a disconnection. Go for pendant lights, subtle small surface lights or chandeliers but do see the size of your bathroom and then buy.

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Some of the very important accessories, that are necessary, must be bought. Get the toothbrush holder, the towel hanger, shower curtains, soap dish.  Get what is needed, no cluttering unless it's a huge bathroom. 

Spend time on research, weigh how much time are you willing to spend on cleaning them. To make a good bathroom, a lot of planning must go in. Stay tuned to HerZindagi for more such tips.