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Planning On Getting A White Wash Soon? Here Are Some Things To Keep In Mind!

With the summer season hitting us, it is an ideal time to get the whitewash done. Here are some things you should take note of! 
Published -25 Mar 2022, 13:09 ISTUpdated -25 Mar 2022, 13:31 IST
things to keep in mind during whitewash

Whitewash is simple, affordable, and essential for every house. Giving your house a makeover is something everybody loves to do. While whitewash may seem easy to get done, there are things to keep in mind before you dive into the process! 

It Will Take Time 


It is safe to assume that the entire process of a whitewash will take about a month over your house to complete its entire magic. 

There may be painters who will promise you a timeline ranging from a week to two, but honestly, it will take around a month to complete. We urge you to keep a good amount of time to let them complete their work, rather than forcing on quick finishing. It will not give you the desired result! 

It is better to keep patience and let it play as it is. 

There’s Going To Be A Lot Of Mess 

With having a whitewash done, there is going to be a lot of mess around the house. You are going to find a lot of dust and soot after the painters are done with their daily job. You may want to get your daily cleaning done in the evening rather than in the morning time. There’s no point getting your house cleaned twice, wasting labor work, and effort. 

You may want to keep your slippers or socks on as you are in the house during the process. Your feet are going to end up dirty if you chose to walk barefoot around the house.

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Place Everything In Designated Boxes 


As everything cannot be in the same place as it was, you should shift your items to cardboard boxes that are designated to them. Rather than just shifting them, you can label them too using a bold black marker. 

This will make your process easier for when you have to place them back to their original places within the house. 

Go With The Painting Process 

While getting a whitewash done, there is a process to be followed when it comes to the walls. 

It is ideal to start with the ceiling rather than starting with the side walls. Let your ceiling dry before you get to the next step. 

Before painting, you should let down a plastic sheet over the floor to avoid spilling. 

Cover Your Furniture With Sheets 


While getting a whitewash done, you can’t be sure of not spilling the product over your furniture or clothes. To keep your furniture safe, you should cover it with bedsheets that have been staying idle in your house. 

The bedsheets will protect your furniture from catching stains. While, for your clothing, it is ideal to wear clothes that are readily off to dispose of. Don’t wear brand new clothes to the area that is in the middle of the process, it may catch stains. 

To Move Furniture, Use Rollers 

Moving furniture is the difficult part. To make it easier on you, you can buy or rent a pair of rollers for your furniture that will help you move the items to wherever you like around the house. 

It will help you with more furniture items like beds, sofas, and heavy dining tables. 

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Deep Clean Titles After The Entire Process 

deep cleaning

Post a good whitewash, it is ideal to give your tiles a good deep cleaning to get rid of the soot and dust that might have embedded into the area between your titles and more. 

Keep The Paint Away From Children And Pets 

During whitewash, painters use latex paint for the same. It is super friendly and affordable, easy to mix. The paint may be suitable for walls but is not suitable for kids and pets. It is idle to keep kids and pets away from products that are being used in the process. 

They can cause headaches and nausea if inhaled more than required. 

Stay tuned to HerZindagi for more tips and tricks! 

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