You might have entered your house only to find out a small amount of wooden dust collected under your doors and windows. Well, it can be termite infestation that usually occurs on the material made from dead plants. It can be frustrating when they start eating out on your expensive doors, windows, and even furniture because you hardly can see them. It is not easy to detect them because of their tiny size and by the time you do they have already damaged a good part of your wooden material. So we decided to come up with some simple ways that you can follow to get rid of these pests and prevent them from spreading further.

Frequent Inspection

termite attack on house

It might be difficult for you to inspect your house every third day but make a point to check the wooden material of your house every weekend. It is better to detect the termites in the initial stages before it starts damaging your entire door or windows. You may even notice the dead termites, wings, or droppings while taking a round of your house these are the signs of the termite infestation in your home. If your windows and doors are having a termite attack there might be some small scattered hollow space left by these pests.

Take Notice Of The Small Holes

termites eating furniture

The termites eat the dry wood of your doors and windows and start living in the holes made by them. They live under the ground and attack on the things made from dead plants, trees, and wood when they invade your doors they leave wooden dust on the floor that you can take notice of.

Protect from Moisture

The termites live in an area that has a high moisture content, to prevent the pests you need to get rid of moisture in your house. Investing in a good dehumidifier is a great option to prevent the entrance of pests into your home. You can also switch on your AC from time to time to suck out all the moisture from the air and keeping your house in dry and cool condition.


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Keep Your Plants Or Garden At A Distance

prevent furniture from termites

Having plants and a garden in your house is good for your health but bad for your wooden doors, windows, and furniture. The termites start building up in the soil of the plants and then attack your wooden pieces in the hall or rooms. Make sure that there is some distance maintained between the plants in your house and furniture. You also create a boundary or barrier in between your house and the garden by using cement or stones that will discourage the termites from entering your house.


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Allow The Sunlight In Your Home

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Make sure you are allowing the sunlight to come into your home through windows. Slide your curtains aside till there is enough sunlight in your house. During the summers keep your windows open for at least an hour to allow the sunlight in your rooms it not only prevents the termites but also keeps other germs and bacteria at bay. The termites and most of the pests cannot survive under high-temperature conditions and won’t be able to attack your furniture. You can also put your plants or the damaged piece under direct sunlight and keep wiping or spraying termite protection spray on your furniture from time to time.

We hope you found these termite protection tips useful. Stay tuned to Herzindagi for more.

image courtesy: unsplash