Super Stree Special: Checkout The Inspiring Journey Of Suparna Sarkar, A Motorcycle Training Instructor

By Kishori Sud17 Oct 2019, 12:50 IST

She studied and did software engineering but followed her passion and became a motorcycle training instructor in Gurgaon. Suparna Sarkar joined the wagon of women breaking stereotypes, proving the fact that women can do anything and no job is just for men and no sport should have room just for a particular sex. Here is the journey of Sarkar breaking the glass ceiling. 

Sarkar is a proud owner of two Royal Enfields: a classic and a thunderbird and has participated in off-roading and dirt biking events and won the first position. She also bagged the first position at The Agra Taj Bike Rally 2019 among women. Oh, and when she got married? Sarkar made a classic entry on her wedding riding their own bikes!