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How To Know A Person Is Toxic?

How to know a person is toxic? Look out for these major signs.
Published -18 Nov 2021, 18:52 ISTUpdated -18 Nov 2021, 19:03 IST
signs of toxic people

A toxic person is someone who brings negativity and unrest into your life by their actions. It's not required for all of these folks to do it on purpose; they might also have an unintentional effect on you. One of the reasons could be a personality clash. However, after you've identified these individuals, you must take action, otherwise your mental health may suffer. These individuals could be friends, relatives, classmates, or coworkers.  Read on to know the major signs of a toxic person.

Make You Feel You Are Not Enough

Pay attention to people and see how they make you feel about yourself. If they are often hurting you by making you feel you are not enough then it's a major red flag. Not everyone feels good about themselves all the time but when a person constantly tells someone that they are not enough, it may affect a lot which is not healthy. 

Make You Feel Guilty For Not Putting Their Needs First


Do you have someone in your life who constantly makes you feel guilty for not prioritising their needs over your own? This is a significant toxic factor. No one should ever feel bad about prioritising oneself before others, especially when there is no risk to others (the harm is also debatable). It's also not anything you should feel guilty about.

Easily Jealous

jealous toxic

A major red sign of a toxic person is they are highly competitive and get easily jealous. Their jealousy could be from your accomplishments, future friendships, or other factors. Not every person will come and tell you that they are jealous so you have to observe them yourself because this type of jealousy can harm you too. They employ 'boundaries' to maintain control, then play the victim when their 'boundaries' are crossed or ignored. 

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Neglect Your Mental Health

mental health neglect

Some people neglect your mental health while only focusing on themselves. It’s common to refer to these people as being toxic. You have to maintain distance from such people if it can't be pointed out easily.


These people do not support your goals and dreams and rather find a way to make fun of it. Even if they sometimes try to show support, it often comes with 'toxic positivity', which eventually makes you feel guilty for your actions. 

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Insincere apologies

insincere apology

Firstly it's a big deal to hear apologies with such people but even if you find them apologizing, it is in no way a sophisticated or sincere manner. They eventually make it all about you, and make it all your fault. Always remember an apology without change is nothing but manipulation.

If you know someone who is often doing these things, then you have to find a solution to deal with such people. Rememeber you do not deserve toxicity but only the best.

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