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    She Friendzoned Him, He Sued Her For $3 Million In Return

    A Singapore man was friend-zoned by his alleged ladylove. Guess what he did as a comeback, he sued her for a whopping $3 Million. Read on and find out all the juicy details.  
    Updated at - 2023-02-03,17:24 IST

    It hurts to be friend-zoned but to be sued for friend-zoning probably hurts much more.

    A man in Singapore sued a woman after she refused his proposal and 'friend-zoned' him.

    He alleged that her refusal to be involved in a romantic relationship has caused him "damage to his stellar reputation" and "trauma, depression and impacts" to his

    What Does Friend-zone Mean?

    For the uninitiated, friend-zoning refers to a situation in which one of two individuals who are friends has an unrequited romantic or sexual interest in the other, while the other regards them as just a friend.

    Origins Of The Term ‘Friendzone’

    Though the origin of this term is not clear, Joey Tribbiani is credited for making it mainstream. In the ‘The One With The Blackout’ episode of F.R.I.E.N.D.S that aired in 1994, Joey tells Ross: “It’s never gonna happen. You and Rachel. You waited too long to make your move and now you’re in The Friend Zone. Ross, you’re the mayor of the zone. I’m telling you, she has no idea what you’re thinking.

    “If you don’t ask her out soon, you’re gonna end up stuck in the zone forever,” he

    What Happened In This Case?

    The man initially thought of suing the lady but put his plans on hold. The man identified as K. Kawshigan initially threatened to sue Nora Tan when she rejected his proposal. However, he put the lawsuit on hold when she agreed to attend counselling sessions with him. They both attended counselling for a year and a half. But when Tan continued to reject his romantic advances and cut contact with him, Kawshigan filed two lawsuits.

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    He Filed 2 Lawsuits Against Her

    He filed one suit with a High Court with a claim of $3 million for allegedly causing "damage to his stellar reputation" and "trauma, depression, and impacts" to his life. He then filed a second suit with a Magistrates' Court demanding $16,700 in damages for breaching an agreement to improve their relationship after she stopped attending counselling sessions.

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    Court Defended The Woman For Standing Up To His Threats

    The Magistrates' Court's judge defended the woman saying, "This court will not be an accessory to his calculated attempt to compel engagement from the defendant who, after years of massaging the claimant's unhappiness, has finally decided to stand up to his threats rather than cower and give in to his demands." The $3 million lawsuit is set for a pre-trial hearing again on February 9, 2023.









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