With the outbreak of novel coronavirus and the rapid growth of cases, it became important for all of us to wash and sanitize our hands frequently. Then the studies suggested that the virus can stay and survive on various surfaces including your currency notes and coins. Your currency is exchanged on daily basis with several people who are traveling from different places, so the chances of transferring this deadly virus get even more potent. Here are some ways that you can follow to keep your currency covid-free and help the nation with breaking the chain of transmission. 

Sanitizing Currency Notes

sanitize your currency

  • Make sure you are not using any corrosive material, detergent, or bleach on your notes because it will damage your hard-earned money and you won’t be able to use it again in the market. If you think you have exchanged notes with an infected person and you want to clean it then try washing them with baby shampoo or dishwashing liquid. These soaps are mild but work great in cleaning the surfaces of your banknotes. After washing the notes, dry them directly under the sunlight by putting weight or clipping them on a rope.
santize currency tips
  • Apart from the above method, you can spray or wipe your currency notes with the help of liquid sanitizers. Your liquid sanitizer should have at least 50-60% of alcohol as that would clean and disinfect your notes completely. Once you have wiped the notes with sanitizer you can put them under the sunlight after the alcohol gets evaporated. You should never microwave your banknotes or put them in boiling water or use harsh soaps on them.
  • You can also iron your banknotes by setting a temperature that is adequate to heat but not burn the notes. One way of ironing your notes is to fold them in a newspaper and then iron it from above at low to medium temperature.


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Sanitizing Currency Coins

santize currency notes ideas

  • Sanitizing your metal coins is easy as compared to your notes but there are still some points that you need to keep in mind before disinfecting them.
  • You can soak your coins in soapy water for 15-20 minutes and then dry them up using a towel. You have to then put your wiped coins in the sunlight so that there is no moisture left on them. The surface of coins can get oxidized by reacting with oxygen and moisture in the air turning your coins black and hard to use again. 

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Some Safety Measure For Handling Cash

digital payments

A Separate Bag

Always use a separate bag and container for keeping your money and put this bag away from your closet or wardrobe. You can also make use of plastic containers for storing cash and coins that can be easily washed later. Try storing your currency in a separate place for at least 24 hours as it is the minimum longevity of the covid virus to survive on surfaces.

Switch To Digital Transaction

Make use of digital payment apps and Debit/credit cards as and when possible, you can always sanitize your cards after the transaction. Money transactions are inevitable and hence you must try to do as much as contactless transactions to avoid the spread of covid 19.

Always Wear Gloves

Make sure you are wearing gloves and a mask before stepping out of your house and while exchanging notes and purchasing essentials. Once you are back carefully dispose of the gloves in a closed trash bin for ensuring others good health and safety.

Hope these tips will help in sanitizing your currency notes and coins. Stay tuned to Herzindagi for more.