This Mother's Day Give Your Kid 'Pink And Blue' Which Challenges Gender Stereotypes In A Cool Way

By Kishori Sud11 May 2019, 18:24 IST

This mother's day, author and mom Ritu Vaishnav is challenging gender stereotypes with simple words and powerful messaging. Her book, Pink & Blue will make you rethink the archaic gender biases that we often reinforce. 

There is a major and sad habit that pink colour is for girls and blue for boys... whose rules are these? Even Girls can like blue and boys can love pink. Both are great colours just like red, yellow, green and all other hues of the rainbow and more! 

It is a strange mindset when they say that Boys should have short hair and girls should have long hair. Boys can have long hair as well and girls can have short hair too!

There are so much gender stereotyping etched in the minds out there that this book by Ritu challenges and we hope that it makes a difference.