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    Astrological Remedies For Zodiac Signs For December 2021

    This month some zodiac signs have to be on red alert but don't worry because we have the best astrological remedies to save the day.
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    Published -25 Nov 2021, 12:13 ISTUpdated -25 Nov 2021, 13:09 IST
    Astrological Remedies For Zodiac Signs For December

    This month of December can have a few hiccups on the way but worry not because our amazing astrologer and vastu expert Dr. Aarti Dahiya is here to save this month with her astrological remedies.


    Aries Remedies

    The natives of this zodiac will have some health-related problems. The problems in the house will seem to be increasing a bit. There will be some obstacles in the work which he was doing. There will be a slight lack of money, due to which mental anxiety will be increased. They will have to go through very difficult circumstances. Yet, the grace of God will remain on them and all their work will continued to be done.

    Remedy -  Recite Bajrang Baan.


    Taurus Remedies

    By the way, the time of Taurus people will be right. There will be no any problem. There will be possibility of a sudden change in some family and office matter due to which life can become a bit complicated. On the whole, life will be good for the Taurus native .

    Remedy - Offer perfume to Goddess Lakshmi.


    Gemini Zodiac

    The month of December will be very busy for the native of Gemini zodiac. You can get money from different sources. Due to which life will continue to be maintained well. After 29th December there may be some family problems and some health related issues.

    Remedy - Feed satnaja (seven cereals) to the birds.

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    Cancer remedies

    The people of Cancer zodiac will be very busy in their business. After a lot of hard work, only you will be able to earn money worthy of subsistence. You will be stressed with too much expenditure. Some problems may occur in family which will affect your health. Some obstacles you may face in getting money from different sources.

    Remedy - Offer milk and water regularly to a Shivling.


    Leo Remedies

    Leo natives will get success only after a lot of hard work. No significant development will be seen in wealth and prosperity. Good works will continue to be done in the family, on which expenses will be incurred. There will be some contacts with foreign countries which will be beneficial for you. Expenses will be high.

    Remedy - The people of Leo zodiac should offer water with red vermilion to the Sun daily.


    Virgo remedies

    The beginning of December is good for the natives of Virgo. They will spend the days very well. But due to spending more money, there will be some trouble. An estrangement with your loved ones can be seen. Some misunderstandings may occur in family which will deteriorate your relationship. Excessive expenditure can create problems in future. That's why spend money wisely. Don't get too personal with your friends, don't tell them too much about your personal things. Keep them secret so that you are least likely to get cheated.

    Remedy - Feed green fodder to the cow on every Wednesday.

    remedies for the Pisces


    libra remedies

    There will be some conflict situation in business for the people of Libra zodiac. Mental stress will increase a lot. You are facing very difficult situations. There will also be excessive hustle - bustle in your life, due to which the expenditure will also be very high. Family problems also may increase.

    Remedy - Take bath regularly mixing Ganga water.


    Scorpio remedies

    The works of Scorpios will be accomplished. You were struggling but now it will improve a lot. Health will be better than before. There will be new opportunities to get money. You can also get some good news in the family which will increase your happiness. Some works which were delayed for a long time will now be completed. There will be some family problems, which if you deal with wisdom and intelligence, they can be resolved very well.

    Remedy- Offer 5 sweet paan to Hanuman ji on every Tuesday.

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    Sagittarius remedies

    People of Sagittarius will work hard, only then they will achieve success in their work. There will be mental trouble due to which some side effects can also be seen on their health. Whatever your government problems or issues, or any litigation in the court will be positive.The decision seems to be being made in your favour. You will make contact with some good people who will be associated with government work, It will be beneficial for you .

    Remedy- Serve the elders of the house and take their blessings.


    Capricorn remedies

    Capricorn sign people are likely to get success in their job. There is the possibility of getting money suddenly, but you should invest your money wisely after thinking very carefully. Otherwise there is a possibility of heavy losses. You can spend money in auspicious works. There will be a very happy atmosphere in the house.

    Remedy - Capricorn natives should do the Chalisa of Shani temple for 43 days.


    Aquarius Remedies

    Natives of Aquarius sign will get success in some of their work. They might not have success in all their work but it will be fine. There will be a very happy atmosphere in your family. Your interest in religious work will increase. If you want to buy a vehicle or land, then this month is auspicious and invests wisely. Overall the month of December will be very good.

    Remedy - The people of Aquarius should recite or get the Sundar Kand done on Saturday.


    Pisces Remedies

    People with Pisces sign are likely to get sudden money. If you are in a job then there are chances of increment in salary.  There may be some mental tension. From any of your relatives or close relatives, take care not to deal too closely with anyone. Even if there is any problem with your family or with your life partner, stay calm because mental stress seems to be getting worse.

    Remedy - Do meditation regularly for 10 minutes every day.

    We hope you have a great month ahead. For more such zodiac predictions and remedies by our astrologer and vastu expert Dr. Aarti Dahiya; stay tuned to HerZindagi.

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