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Adopt Don't Shop; Reasons Why You Should Adopt A Pet

Give an animal a second chance at life; adopt don't shop.
  • Neha Pande
  • Editorial
Published -15 Nov 2021, 18:11 ISTUpdated -15 Nov 2021, 18:25 IST
why you should adopt a pet

Buying a pure breed may be fascinating but have you thought about all the little puppies who never get to find their forever homes just because they are not of a breed! Every pet be it a breed or not deserves to find its forever home where he/she can get the proper care and love they need. 

People think that indie pet breeds or adopting are not as good as pure breeds but it quite untrue and we are here to tell you why! 

You Will Help Ending Animal Farms

You Will Help Ending Animal Farms

No, animal farms are not places where animals are free to roam around or a paradise for animals but in actuality it is a cruel awful place. Animal farms' are places where the rejected animals and strays with no homes are sent to live. These places have horrible conditions almost like a jail for these cute adorable little angels. Here the animals are either sold off, forced to reproduced or killed if they can not reproduce any longer and grow old. Poor animals are disposed off as garbage and by adopting a pet you quite literally are putting this awful place out of business. 

You Will Give The Pet A Second Chance At A Better Life

You Will Give The Pet A Second Chance At A Better Life

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You will quite literally be giving the pet a second chance at a better life. You adopt these pets who have no hope left especially the elder ones who know that they will end up dying at the shelter. Some of these pets at the shelter are rescues who have horrible pasts of abuse and hurt so by adopting them you'll be giving them a better place to live in and a loving home. 

Sadly some of these pets at the shelter are thrown away by their previous owners or are rescued form places like the awful animal farms we talked about. Give these pets a loving, caring home that they deserve and please don't get a pet on a whim just to return it back.

You Help More Than Just The One You Are Adopting

You Help More Than Just The One You Are Adopting

Guess what? Just by adopting a pet you are not just helping the one you adopt but more. Adopting a pet at times has a fees attached to it which you have to pay and this fees actually helps buying supplies like toys, food, bowls etc for the animals who are still at the shelter. It also ends up funding further rescues and help in supporting the shelter and all the pets there. By adopting a pet you free a spot to rescue more and help more pets in need. 

They Will Forever Be Grateful To You

They Will Forever Be Grateful To You

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Oh and if you do adopt a pet you are subscribed to a lifetime of love, cuddles and gratitude by your pet. Given the pets at the shelter or adoption center are mostly rescues; they know what pain and being neglected is. If you adopt a rescue they will appreciate the love you give them and will make sure to never let you feel down or sad. You adopted pet will appreciate every little thing you provide for them from toys, food to hugs and cuddles; they will forever in their life be grateful to you for adopting them and it will show. 

Have Amazing Immunity 

They have great immunity

Not only adopting a pet will help them but you might not know this but the indie breeds or strays you might adopt have a way better immunity than purr breeds. The simple reasoning behind it is that their bodies are used to the harshness of the world and through generations their bodies have built up a great immunity against all odds. The pet you adopt won't be super picky and definitely won't get sick if their food is changed. They can go from eating pedigree to rotis in seconds and won't really complain or fall sick. 


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