It is 21st century so ladies it is not a compulsion to fall in love or being committed, but if you are one of those who wonders why are am I not able to get along with someone special, probably you need to mind a few of your personality traits. Not replying, avoiding calls, and unwillingness to indulge in something serious is somehow your usual habit. And your friends and family often ask you why are you single, haven’t you met someone special, don’t you like or have a crush on someone and the list is a bit long consisting of all those weird questions. It is fine if you don’t want to talk about this to someone else, but you at least analyse and talk to yourself about it! 


self sufficient

If you haven’t been into a relationship for a very long time, the best thing that will happen is you become self-sufficient. You can travel alone, enjoy your own company, watch movies in the theatre without needing a partner, shop alone and most importantly will not be needing to share your food. Even if you have dated a bunch of guys, they probably couldn’t match your expectations because you have already raised the bar so high. 

Money matters terrify you 


Have you ever been on a date where the boy initiates on paying the bill, but then your self-respect comes in between making you pitch in to split or pay the entire bill leading to an awkward situation? Yes, we feel you! The self-sufficient you don’t want to indulge in such weird situations where you have to discuss finances again and again. On a larger scale, the idea of encountering the same situation again might not feel worth it to you. 

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Not up for taking help 

While you have a lot of friends, taking help from someone might feel like a task. However, the tendency of not asking or taking help is not something that you want to do forever. You need not buy the myth that there are no good people left for you. Try being easy on yourself, life is already not that simple, making it harder with unnecessary beliefs is not something you want to do. 

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This might be not the case with every single girl out there, but for those who are trying really hard to come into a relationship, maybe you need to think about the desperation. The reason behind the strong urge to be with some can be because of loneliness, enviousness or jealousy from friends and peers, who are committed to someone. And if you are one of those who are just looking for some sort of distraction, it is best that you try to resolve the matter and do not look to indulge that you won’t be able to handle.