Offbeat New Year Resolutions That You Should Keep in 2019

By Tanushree De31 Dec 2018, 14:33 IST

Every year we have a list of New Year Resolutions List ready to start having better habits, travel more, do better professionally, be less bitchy and what not!  HerZindagi set out to decide New Year Resolutions for 2019 and the results were hilarious. So what are your New Year resolution ideas this year?

Stop The Slut Shaming

Every year there is furore over incidents of eve teasing and women are slut shamed. What’s worse is that women actively participate in shaming their own gender by any means possible. Can we change ourselves this year and embrace women power a bit more?

Start Managing The Money

Women may have ventured out to have a flourishing professional career but we still go running towards our fathers, brothers, boyfriends, male friends or husbands when it comes to resolving the matters of finance. Male bashing is quite common but can we give due credit to the guys and also become really independent in matters of finance? Wealth management can seem like a very boring and difficult thing to tackle but we can at least try.

Stop Competing Unnecessarily

She looks good, so I must look good. She looks fit, so I must starve myself with dieting. She sucks up to the boss, so I must too. She bitches about her mother in law, so must I. Stop with the stupid competition. Stop judging yourself on the parameters set by others. Stop judging others too much as well. It is your life so just take charge on your terms. Be fit and do not aspire to look like a certain someone. Cultivate your own fashion sense. Stop bitching for the sake of peer pressure. Also, stop forwarding messages on WhatsApp like it’s your job. Call up the ones you care about instead.

Start Valuing The Me Time

There will always be chores at home to take care of, deadlines to meet in office, relatives to meet, your kids homework that needs to be done on time, catching up sessions with friends that you absolutely cannot miss but where is the ‘me time’ in all of this? It is okay to totally be on your own and only you can schedule that.

HerZindagi also wanted people to ditch the ordinary New Year Resolutions so we set out with our own set of resolutions that people can plan on keeping but the reactions that we got from people were all shades of funny. Watch the video to know whether people wanted to keep resolutions about not lying, not gossiping, not judging people, believing in equality, trusting their partners more and so on.