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Are You A New Neighbour In Your Society? Circulate, Gift These Items To Make A Good Impression

If you are a new neighbour or you have a new neighbour then circulate and make friends with others with these gifts to make a good impression!
Published - 23 Jul 2021, 09:49 ISTUpdated - 23 Jul 2021, 10:31 IST
new neighbour gifting ideas main

If you have just shifted into a new society or you have a new neighbour, then the first step after some unpacking is to make friends in your vicinity. So to make a good impression, it is important to circulate and gift your neighbour something thoughtful so as to make a good impression for starters. So here is a list of some gifting ideas which is a mixed bag of safe, luxurious to affordable items that will definitely make your neighbours warm up to you. 

1Indian Sweets

indian sweets gift

This is a typical one in India as we consider giving sweets the most auspicious indeed! You could go for the basic laddoos or get the exotic ones as per your budget. But try to buy from a shop or chain which is a good and well-known brand as neighbours judge you on that as well (to make a good impression).

2Baked Items

baked goods

Either bake some cookies or cake yourself or get a basket of assorted bakery, complete with brownies etc from a good and well-known bakery. The aroma itself will be welcoming and exuding warmth! Add a card and present it to your neighbour with your million-dollar smile!


plants gift

The safest, most affordable, and appreciated by all! Plants are the best gifts to give. You could opt as per Feng Shui or even head for herb plants which will be appreciated by your neighbour indeed. Tip: Try to gift something which is low maintenance. 


flowers gift

Everyone likes flowers whether they admit ot or not. The only catch here is that the quality should be good and if you can then invest in some exotic breed.


candles gift

Who doesn't like some nice pillar or jar candles? If you can make them yourself, that would be good but invest in scented as well as unscented candle set. Candles never go waste.

6Homemade Food

homemade food

If you are a good cook then this is the chance to share your natural gift! Make your speciality and give it while it is warm. It will be a good conversation starter and shall exude warmth as you put your heart and soul in that one dish. 

7Organic, Assorted Tea Gift Set

healthy tea gift

You can always opt for the not-so-new trend anymore which is safe and appreciated. The concept of gifting healthy green, black, or flavoured teas will never go out of fashion. 

8Healthy Seeds

healthy seeds gift

These days health has become primary especially ever since the pandemic struck the world. Therefore, gifting something healthy will always be appreciated. So invest in a set of sunflower seeds, chia seeds, pumpkin seeds, sabja seeds, melon seeds, etc and give that to your neighbour.

9Salt & Pepper Set

salt pepper gift

No, do not just give a salt and pepper set. Buy a small box of chocolates or sweets and give that along with it. Salt & Pepper jars are considered 'Shubh' in many households as it runs our kitchen and it stands for a flourishing household for a number of families. Plus it is gender neutral so that the wife or the husband does not feel left out. 

10Pickled Love

pickles gift

A basket of assorted pickles in mason jars makes for a good gift basket when you have to give it to your neighbour. If you think deep then you will realise that it has a great meaning as well. Jars of different pickles here stands for different personalities and traits and since they are all put together in one basket, it denotes one big family staying together. So when you greet your neighbour while gifting it, this is what you say or you could put a little note along with it.