Weddings are one of the most beautiful things that were introduced with the advent of civilizations. They are the cultural tie between two souls who celebrate the unity and togetherness of their being, pulled closer with a bond of love. But what adds to the beauty and charm of weddings are the pre-wedding and post-wedding rituals that take place around the time of the marriage celebrations.

The cultural value and historical significance of those small rituals are what brings the two families together. There are so many different traditions and cultures followed around the world and so many rituals symbolising love, unity, health, romance, and happiness.  So, to introduce you to the charm of these small rituals at weddings, we are here with the world’s most iconic wedding traditions. Take a look.

Italy’s Candy Confetti


Traditionally in Italian weddings, the guests shower colourful candied almonds upon the couple. These almonds are generally 5 in number and are kept inside cinch bags. They symbolise health, wealth, happiness, fertility, and longevity. This is a very iconic ritual as the Italians consider it very auspicious and necessary. It is said to nurture the bond between the guests and the couple. 

Adornment Of Flower Crowns


Just like how they show in the movies, Swedish brides are actually seen accessorising flower crowns. The flower crowns are said to be a symbol of rebirth and fertility, so the wearing of them is connected to the essence of miraculous happiness. These are generally made with a sprig of myrtle, which is known to be a symbol of love, and that is why flower crowns are essential parts of Swedish Brides; attires.

The Wishing Trees Of The Dutch Weddings


The Dutch have been following this tradition for a very long time. What happens in this tradition is that, guests write small messages with their names and hang them from the wishing tree which is a designated tree branch or a planted tree. The tree/branch is kept safely by the couple after their wedding and is displayed for years to come.  This ritual can be seen as an alternative to guest books but way cooler than that of course.

The Love Birds

love birds

Filipino culture weddings also have a very beautiful tradition that they always follow. At a traditional Filipino wedding, the couple is asked to release two white doves together in the sky. The birds are believed to have strong effects on your life ahead as they ensure that increment of love and harmony.

The Carving Of Lovespoons

love spoon

Just like the penguins find the perfect piece of stone to gift it to their mate, similarly in the Welsh culture, a groom is carved out a beautiful and romantic pattern on wooden spoons and gifts it to his bride(celeb-inspired lehengas for brides to be). 

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The Unity Rocks Tradition


In Australian weddings, the guests, mostly the family and closed ones of the bride and the groom bring small gathered rocks and collect them inside a bowl. This bowl is known as the unity bowl and this ceremony is known as the unity rocks tradition. This is one of the most important rituals(Know about Kasmiri weddings) at Australian weddings as it signifies the amount of love and support the couple has and reminds them that they are never alone.

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