Mosquitoes are indeed irritating creatures, with their constant buzzing and bites which leads to itching. But do you know that there is a day specially dedicated to them? Each year, World Mosquito Day is observed on August 20, to commemorate British doctor Sir Ronald Ross's discovery, that female mosquitoes transmit malaria between humans.

From causing red itchy bumps on the skin to being carriers of diseases like dengue and malaria, mosquitoes are a complete nuisance. Here are some easy DIY tricks you can use, to get rid of them instantly. 

Cloves With Lime

Mosquito rep  inside

This trick is definitely the easiest of the lot. Just some basic kitchen ingredients and you can easily ward off the mosquitoes. 

Ingredients required: 1 lemon, 12-14 cloves (laung)

Steps to make it-

  • Step 1- Take the lemon and cut it into half. 
  • Step 2- Now take the half cut lemon and start inserting cloves in it. 
  • Step 3- Make sure to insert the stick in and leave the head outside. 
  • Step 4- Insert at least 5-6 cloves in the lemon, at equal distances. 
  • Step 5- Do the same with the other half of the lemon. 
  • Step 6- Now all you need to do is place it in your room. 

You can place it on the floor, on the table or in any corner, which has too many mosquitoes. Clove not only repels mosquitoes but other insects as well. Clove gets its strong aroma because of the presence of a compound called eugenol, which has repelling properties.

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Tea Tree Oil

mosquito rep inside

Ditch the usual mosquito repellent creams and try this all-natural DIY instead. Made with tea tree oil, this powerful solution will single-handedly keep all the mosquitoes at bay. 

Ingredients required: 1 tablespoon of coconut oil and 3 drops of tea tree oil

Steps to make it-

  • Step 1- Mix coconut oil and tea tree oil in a small bowl. 
  • Step 2- Now take the solution in batches and apply on the exposed parts of your body. 
  • Step 3- You can easily apply it on your arms, legs and neck. 

If needed regularly, make in larger quantities and store for later. Tea tree oil has amazing antiseptic qualities, which will not only prevent mosquito bites but also heal them. This essential oil comes in a concentrated form, which is why it must always be mixed with a carrier oil. 

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Burning Egg Carton

Mosquito rep  inside

Burning an egg carton to ward off mosquitoes might sound weird but is a super effective method. 

Materials required: Egg carton and a lighter. 

Steps to do the DIY-

  • Step 1- Break the egg carton into 2-3 parts. 
  • Step 2- Huddle up these pieces together and use the lighter to ignite a fire. 
  • Step 3- This method is the most effective, if you wish to sit outside in the evening. 
  • Step 4- If you wish to light this up indoors, always keep a metallic or glass try beneath. 

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You can also light coils or repellent papers, which are easily available in the market to keep these insects away. The above given DIYs will ensure that you are able to shoo away mosquitoes in the most natural way possible. 

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