With inflation reaching its peak, it is difficult to buy a big place, so, you have to settle for a smaller one but it can often make you feel claustrophobic. However, if you want your small space to look less claustrophobic, then we have some smart ways. Read on to know more.

Multi-Functional Furniture And Get Rid Of Old One

furniture small home less claustrophobic

Well, if you are living in a small space, then you can’t get attached to things and you have to get rid of the things you don’t use anymore to make some space in the house. Along with this, get some multifunctional furniture that will help you save space and money as well.

You can get a sofa cum bed, a coffee table that has storage units below it, a bed with inbuilt drawers to keep your stuff, a hollow stool which can be used to sit as well as keep your belongings and many more.


Another trick to make your home look less claustrophobic is to camouflage. Paint your big furniture like shelves the same colour as the wall. This is because, if the furniture is the same colour as the wall, then it is less likely to catch anybody’s attention, thus, not making it feel like imposing.

Along with this, you can also paint bulky things on your walls such as radiators, Wi-Fi modems or anything else in order to make the room look clutter free.

Keep Your Rooms Clutter Free

Keeping showpieces or other things on display sounds nice but keeping the surfaces clean and clutter-free can make a huge difference. This will make your room feel more airy, thus, making you feel fresh and not like you are stuck somewhere.

Don’t Go For Oversized Art On The Walls

paintings small home less claustrophobic

Oversized art can surely be visually appealing and can be an integral part of the interior but it can also feel heavy and imposing in a small room. This can make your room feel busy and make your room seem even smaller with the walls seeming to be coming closer.

Therefore, stick to moderate size art on the wall which adds to the interior as well as doesn’t make the room look smaller.

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Skip The Curtains

windows without curtains small home less claustrophobic

Curtains (curtain decor ideas) can surely make your room feel cosy and are important to be put up on windows, however, these can make your home look smaller. They can seem like they are coming towards you, therefore skip it. If you don’t want to skip it altogether, then you can go for some that are lighter and simple.

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Mirrors (how to decorate mirrors) will not only make a small room seem bigger but can also make you get rid of the feeling of claustrophobia as they don’t feel to be imposing. Along with this, they allow more light to reach the room which can never hurt anybody.

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