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5 Most Essential Elements Of A Happy Long Term Marriage

From intimacy to strong commitment, here are the essential elements of a happy long term marriage.
  • Kumari Rajnigandha
  • Editorial
Published -17 Mar 2022, 16:25 ISTUpdated -17 Mar 2022, 16:45 IST
essential elements happy marriage

How do you keep your marriage together? One solution is to be aware of each other's needs and to occasionally compromise. That means taking turns having your way, or coming up with a third option that works for both of you. Relationships aren't rational and numbers don't always add up; it's about the space between individuals, the back-and-forth flow, and experiencing the other's entire essence. This needs patience, perseverance, an open heart, and a delicate touch. 

With so many intricacies and the complexity of human emotions, marriage has long been seen as a subject worthy of awe and nervousness. Though they may appear to be identical on the surface, no two people are the same, making the marriage of two souls a delicate game. But what if that "game" isn't as difficult as its reputation suggests? Maybe marriage truly is more of a science, not an art. Here are the 5 most essential elements of a happy long term marriage



Well, being happily married requires a lot of sincere effort. If you don’t pay much attention to your relationships, your relationships will tend to lose their charm and allure. Intimacy is important in any important relationship.  Without intimacy, relationships cannot feel fulfilling and wholesome. Expressing vulnerability brings intimacy to a relationship, Vulnerability and intimacy is an important ingredient of a happy marriage. The feeling of being close and connected to your partner is good for your emotional well being. Feeling close to our partners is something we all crave for.



A marriage cannot be sustained without commitment. Commitment (struggling to take him commit to you? try these easy tricks that actually work) is one of the most essential elements of a long term marriage and even a romantic relationship. The trajectory of a marriage is never like a straight line. There are many rough patches to any relationship and during such a phase commitment becomes all the more important. 

When love dwindles in everyday life, it is commitment that keeps the couple glued together. Without this, a relationship cannot survive. More than love, it is commitment that makes a marriage work. A relationship will not collapse if love happens to fade but if commitment recedes then your relationship is in for a big trouble. 



Trust is obligatory in a relationship. Mutual trust is important for the well being of a relationship. If you trust your partner you are likely to be in a good mental space. In fact, partners must take efforts to earn the trust and confidence of their partner. Once the trust is broken, it takes a lot to mend it. Knowing that your partner is there for you, knowing that your partner always has your back is a great way to have a happy marriage.



Expressing gratitude to your partner is a mandate. Partners need to express appreciation and gratitude to each other every once in a while to keep the marriage happy and wholesome. 

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