Not to play the victim card, but we women have seen people constantly give us extra work because they know we can't say no. These people are either our family members, people at work or other places. It is almost always that we deal with people who try to take advantage of our sweet nature that does not permit us refuse! This is exactly why it is very important for us to take a stand and just say no!

If you are one of those women who often find themselves doing work that is not even your own because you just can't say no, this is the article for you!

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Leave A Window Open 

This is a great way of letting the person know that at the present you are busy, however, if you find time in the future you would love to be a part of it. This way the person who is asking for a favour will be in an impression that you really want to help them out and are refusing only because you genuinely can't do their work at the present. Giving them hope for the future will make them feel that they can come back to you and there are very little chances that they would get offended by your refusal.

Be Honest

Okay, enough of these freeloaders who come out of nowhere with a smile and try to make use of your innocent nature. These people can get anything done from people who do not have the capacity to say no and before you know it, your own work will be piling up because you would be too busy finishing up their work(read how to comfortably work from home). If you are someone who can't say no, just be honest. Just tell them honestly why you will be unable to do their work. Being honest is not being rude. Tell them honestly that you will not be able to take time out for their work. 

Let Them Know You Are Sorry

If you really don't want to disappoint them and you have a heart of gold that just cannot stand making people upset, sound apologetic. Tell them you are sorry but you will not be able to do their work. Sound apologetic so they instantly feel like you have felt upset about not being able to help them. Instead of getting angry that you could not help them out, they will feel great that you are so concerned about helping them that you felt bad when you couldn't.  

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Give Them An Alternative

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This is the best way to avoid taking load from others. Say no to them and still be on their good books. All you have to do is say, "I am sorry I won't be able to do the work, however, I think 'XYZ' will be a good person to do this work!" With this gesture, it won't be your responsibility anymore to be entitled to do their work! Moreover, they will be grateful to you for helping them out!

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Tell Them You Are Busy

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If you have the heart, just let them know that you are crammed up with a ton of work(read how to work efficiently at home). Even if they do not understand, they will not be up for giving you any of their work because they will be afraid you might lay off some of your own work on them!

We hope you learnt something new from this article! If you wish to read more such articles, stay tuned to Her Zindagi!