Eager to know your future? Will you get what you want? Get all your answers here, with this numerology predictions, based on your birth date. Read on to find out what the week has in store for you!


weekly numerology one

You will make progress in your professional life. Income will increase. Have patience in relationships and understand your partner. Take care of your health.

Lucky Tips: Take a coin of five rupees from someone and keep it with you.

Lucky Colour: White, Blue, Sky, Chocolate |

Lucky Date: 30,1,2,3


If you are investing money in a new place, then do not be overconfident and think carefully before investing. You will enjoy happiness in your love life and health.  

Lucky Tips: Feed curd to a blind person

Lucky Colour: Pink, Orange 

Lucky Date: 29,1,2,3


Donate money to a needy person or help out someone who is in need. Avoid taking unnecessary risk in the work area. Relationship with your loved ones will be better. However, you may need to concentrate on your health. 

Lucky Tips: Keep a copper coin in your pocket

Lucky Colour: Red, Pink 

Lucky Date: 30,1,3


weekly numerology four

Balance your work life and love life. Relationship will be fine. If you are facing some health issues, then it will improve. 

Lucky Tips: Chant  Gayatri mantra 

Lucky Color: Blue, Brown 

Lucky Date: 31,1,4


Have fun and go on trips to maintain a spark in your relationship. But don’t waste too much money, save it for the future. Health will improve. 

Lucky Tips: Store rainwater in a glass bottle and keep it in the north.

Lucky Colour: White, Yellow 

Lucky Date: 30,31,1,4


Be cautious about money, as you can be cheated by someone. Give your 100% at work to get a promotion. Lovers may get married. You will automatically get help regarding any health problems.

Lucky Tips: Feed grass to the cow

Lucky Colour: White, Yellow 

Lucky Date: 31,1,2,4


Work hard to increase your salary. You’ll meet new people which will be beneficial for your career. Health will be stable.

Lucky Tips: Read Hanuman Chalisa 

Lucky Colour: White, Yellow, Green 

Lucky Date: 30,31,1,2,3


weekly numerology eight

New opportunities will come at your door, which will be beneficial for you. Pamper your partner to keep your relationship strong and healthy. Your negligence can harm your health.

Lucky Tips: Offer milk to Lord Shiva

Lucky Colour: Yellow, Purple, Pink 

Lucky Date: 30,3,4

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You will be frustrated and stressed due to money-related problems. Give more attention to your partner to maintain a healthy relationship.  If you have any health problem then it will improve rapidly.

Lucky Tips: Chant Gayatri mantra 

Lucky Colour: Orange, Red, Pink 

Lucky Date: 30,1,3

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