Teaching Good Touch and Bad Touch To Children

By Tanya Malik24 Aug 2018, 09:28 IST

There is no correct age when it comes to discussing this crucial topic especially in the light of recent events in our country. Parenting expert, Nora Bali shares tips to teach your kids good touch and bad touch. She says that parents can start from the age when they are potty training their kids. They could be 2-3 years old as well. 

In our body, there are three danger areas – chest area, between the legs and buttocks. Nobody is allowed to touch us there be it anyone without our consent.  Even if it’s something like holding hands with someone or having a friendly hug or kiss them, they know they have the right to say no if they don’t like it.

Children should also be taught that a touch (from anyone) that makes them feel bad or uncomfortable is a bad touch. They should also be taught to trust their own feelings. Teach your child the names of their body parts. They must know what to call their private parts. Do not associate any shame with it. Things that they need to know about bad touch and good touch:

Stranger Danger

Whenever your kid encounters a bad touch he should shout out loud and attract attention. If kids are rude to someone, they should be encouraged to share the reason why they were impolite, but should not be abruptly stopped. Encourage them to say it out loud if they are being rude. The fact that the child is uncomfortable around the person should be an alarm for you.

When unsupervised, Never let your kid venture into a lonely or dark area. 

Elevator Escape

Whenever your child is stuck in an elevator with a stranger, he or she should know that there is a bell button in the lift which should be pressed to raise an alarm. If at all he or she is touched inappropriately he should alert the stranger that his parents are waiting for him right outside the elevator.