The world is topsy turvy especially in India where lockdowns are in sync due to the pandemic. People are home, work is stressful for most of us but what is becoming an issue is the shortage of water that the government has been announcing or our society's heads share notices. So what does one do in this situation? Here are some tips that may help you out in managing life when there is a shortage of water. 

Water Stock Up

This one is an obvious one but it has happened in the past when my neighbours would underestimate the shortage, presuming that water will be back the next morning. Bring out all the bottles that you have, the jugs included and store water even if the supply comes just for 20-30 minutes. Next, fill up all the buckets at home for the flushes and hand washes where you must use the mug to restrict the amount of water you use. The best is to get home those huge buckets that are double the size of your regular buckets and fill them up. 

Paper Plates

paper plates

When we wash out utensils, we waste a lot of water. The solution here is to use disposable and eco-friendly paper plates, bowls, spoons and glasses. Keep a stock of these at home always. You get them easily online, and they are most of the time made of bamboo. 

Sponge Bath

sponge bath

Yes mostly patients are given these but it does the deed, right? So it is time that you too master the art of using the sponge the right way. Yes, it is not the same as taking showers but imagine how much water we waste just on one shower. Keep these things in mind while trying the sponge. Keep clean washcloths in the house, let the sponge dry up before the second person uses it so that it can be reused. To wash your hair, use a cup to wash your hair and do not play around with water no matter how much you love it. 

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Reuse Clothing

Since we are home and not dirty, we can reuse some clothing items except for lingerie of course. Since doing our laundry is out of question, you can easily wear the same clothes again. 

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Frozen Meals

You never know when the situaton with water will get better so cook a few meals and freeze them in the frrezer. You can't be washing the cooker and the kadhai and what not every day when you have no water. So cook some dishes in advance and freeze them. In case you are one of those who cannot have a day old food even if frozen then try to make one pot dishes like pulao, khichdi, etc. 

So save as much water as you can, use intelligently and stay tuned to HerZindagi for more such tips.