New guy at work? He’s cute, funny and oh-so-handsome. Oddly drawn to your new colleague, you find yourself passing by his desk more frequently, dallying around the coffee machine to show up, exchanging funny messages, wearing lipsticks and kajal for the first time in years and trading your formal pants for flirty dresses. It's totally okay to do all this and indulge in a crush if you're single, but what if you're not? And how to control your feelings for him? Here are seven tips that you can follow and keep your emotions under control.

Keep It In Mind That Crushes Passes With Time

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Do you know what’s the best thing about an infatuation? It wears off after a while. So instead of getting excited about it or paying more attention to it, start focusing on your relationship.

Don’t Agree To Solo Meet Ups

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Whether it’s a casual shopping outing or a coffee date, don’t ever agree to solo meetups. This will only worsen the situation and you might end up with regrets. 

Minimize Your Time Together

If you see your crush in public, then be friendly but don’t spend hours chatting with each other. If you work together, keep it professional and don't keep dawdling around their desk. Just make sure to keep a considerable distance with him.

Don’t Share Too Much

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Be sure not to build an emotional bond with your crush. Sharing every detail with them will bring you two closer and you’ll end up throwing yourself into the deep end. 

Set Them Up With A Friend

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If you can’t control your feelings, then you should try setting them up with your friend. And if things work out between them, your crush will be out of your life and you can focus on your own relationship.

Treat It Like A Wake Up Call

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If you’re getting attracted to someone, then it can be an indication of some missing ingredients in your relationship. Maybe, you are looking for some emotional support or for some excitement because your current relationship is going through a monotonous phase. Whatever might be the reason, sit with your partner and sort it out.

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Focus On Improving Things With The Partner

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The longer you’re with someone, the more likely it is that some aspect of your relationship has gotten stale. So, figure out what it is that’s lacking and focus on lighting that long lost spark. It will bring you two closer and will remind you that you’re with the right person. 

At the end of the day, you have to remember that you’re in a committed relationship and you can’t risk it for a cheap thrill because, in the end, lots of people are going to hurt, including you.