If you wear corrective glasses, you would agree when I say that there is nothing more annoying than seeing dirt, dust and grease stuck on our lenses. 

But be honest, most of us are so careless about our glasses. We end up wiping them off with our tee or just our fingers which actually damages our lenses. Same is the case with our sunglasses. No? 

This can be harmful not just for our glasses but also our eyes and nose. Germs accumulate on the glasses and these can get into your eyes and nose and lead to health issues. 

Thus, it is essential to keep your glasses clean and hygienic. Here is a simple guide to clean your glasses. 

How To Clean Your Glasses And Sunglasses?

Rinse Glasses

First, rinse your glasses with regular water. You can use a little amount of mild soap or dish detergent liquid to make soapy water. Rinse the glasses with this soapy water, make sure you do it for both sides, and rub gently. 

Keep for a few seconds and then rinse with plain water. 

Pay Attention To The Frame And Nose Pad

cleaning glasses

Like your lenses, your frame and nose pads too need some attention. Make sure you rinse it with water too to get rid of any oil or dirt buildup. If required, scrub it gently using your fingers or a sponge. 

Use A Microfiber Cloth To Dry The Lenses

Dry out the water with a microfiber cloth. It is best to use a cloth that is unused and completely clean to prevent any scratches on the lenses. Gently rub the cloth on the lenses to get rid of the excess water. 

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Clean Using Homemade Lens Solution

homemade cleaning solution

If you don't wish to invest in a lens cleaning solution then you can make one at home using a few ingredients. 

  1. In a bowl, add 3 parts of rubbing alcohol and 1 part of water. Mix well. Transfer to a spray bottle and spritz on the glasses or sunglasses. 
  2. Wipe with a microfiber cloth in a circular motion. 

Tips To Keep In Mind 

Make sure you wash your hands properly before you begin cleaning your glasses. This will prevent the transfer of any germs to the lenses of your specs. 

Be very gentle while cleaning the lenses or you can end up leaving scratches on the lenses. 

tips to clean glasses

Never wipe with the glasses or sunglasses with a regular cloth. 

Don't wipe your lenses when they are dry or it can lead to scratches. 

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Never use lens cleaning solutions before checking for their ingredients. Solutions that have bleach, vinegar, or ammonia in them can be harmful for your lenses. 

When not wearing your glasses or sunglasses, keep them in a case or you can end up spoiling the coating.

However, there can be cases where you are unable to get rid of the oily buildup or dirt on the surface of the glasses. Make sure you don't get harsh on the glasses and remove the stubborn dirt. If you are unable to clean the glasses properly at home then you should get them cleaned professionally. 

We hope this guide helps you clean your glasses and sunglasses at home. For more such cleaning tips and tricks, stay tuned!