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    Weekly Horoscope: Predictions For All Zodiac Signs From 16th to 22nd October

    Are stars aligned in your favor or not? Read on your weekly horoscope to know more.
    Published -17 Oct 2021, 12:56 ISTUpdated -19 Oct 2021, 12:57 IST
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    Is there an urgent assignment or personal work that's keeping you worried? Are your relationships getting you worked up? Fret no more! Our astrologer, Mr. Pankaj Khanna, Chairman, Gem Selections & Khanna Gems Group, is here to guide you through this week. Read on to know more.


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    Sparks could fly in the romance department today. You or your partner may have a very strong need to express loving feelings, so make time for just the two of you. Single people will find that this may be the perfect week to ask someone special for a lunch date. All your important relationships will benefit from today's energy.


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    It's time for a twosome of the nicest sort. Your partner needs some attention now, so try to be available. Even if you are knee-deep in work, reserve at least fifteen minutes to touch base with your most significant other. In other areas of your life, friendly competition is favored and will help you improve your game.


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    Stars are bringing up health issues (6 Tricks To Detox Your Mind). How long has it been since you had a thorough physical examination? You can't remember? you need to get in tune with the way your body speaks to you or face the consequences. Take up Yoga or a similar discipline so that you can learn the language of your earthly vessel.


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    You can feel serenity if you're able to let go of the past; psychic or intuitive you could be receiving messages from those who have passed on. Keep your notebook by the bed just in case someone gives you the winning lottery numbers in a dream



    When you try so hard to be good all the time, you are bound to swing to extremes. The safest and most obvious outlet for edgy energy is a wild romp with your sweetheart; it can be enlightening to experience the exchange of power in an intimate way. If you don't have someone you can tie up and blindfold, yet still remain on friendly terms with, go for a brisk walk instead!



    It is a period where you'll come down from the mountain and join the rest of the herd, as you experience a burst of self-confidence. Make the most of it by being seen - try not to turn down any invitations this holiday season, because you really can make a good impression. It's also a great time to get plans underway

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    Excellent energy can be yours. Don't be surprised if you have a raise or promotion coming your way soon. At the very least, the Powers That Be are more likely to be kindly disposed to you. You will find that the Law of Karma is in effect, so be prepared to reap the good you have sown!



    Emotional lightning could strike; hang on to your hats on this anything-can-happen day. Today, be prepared for some discomfort. Ultimately, you can be faced with a challenge or two in your personal life, of course, you can handle it!



    Try to maintain a positive attitude and a good mood; if you get angry you're likely to overreact and say things you'll regret later. Use this energy in a positive fashion: sports, crafts, and other personal hobbies will help you focus today.



    You may have become much more relaxed about money and you may be spending money just as fast as you make it, or you may simply have no idea how much you have at any given moment. It is time to get your finances back under control



    Some of you may be unduly worried. You could imagine all kinds of terrible fates that could befall you, but none of them are likely to happen. Your best defense against your fear and anxiety is to think positive, happy thoughts. You'll swear you can fly!

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    Some of you may wonder where your money's going; your money seems to be spent as fast as you can make it. Before you go blaming everyone else, do a prosperity dance. Get all the junk you don't use anymore out of your house and donate it to charity, then dance naked under the stars. You'll soon find you have all the money you need

    We hope you have a great week ahead of you. Connect with us on our official Instagram profile, stay tuned to HerZindagi for more!


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