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    Happy Women’s Day To ‘The Other Woman’

    Being a woman is tough but thanks to ‘The Other Woman’ in our lives who are constantly backing us, we have managed to shatter many stereotypes and are...
    Updated at - 2019-03-08,19:04 IST
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    It has been a long and arduous journey for us women. But we made it! We made it to the point where we revel in being who we are. We celebrate ourselves, our victories and our struggles. We might still be dealing with inane stereotyping; we still encounter off handed misogyny, and yes might still be a bit too critical of our waistlines, but hey! We hook, jab and punch these obstacles with such finesse that we have actually made it our groove. So yes, a happy women’s day to us! But as we (deservedly) jubilate in our glory, let us take a moment to also remember the “other woman” who made it possible for us to shine.

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    The other woman, who instead of handing over the ladle to stir the simmering pot of patriarchy, pushed you to chart your success story.

    The other woman, who was taught that ‘girls should be seen, not heard’, but she taught you to speak your mind.

    The other woman, who made you believe that you were no less than any boy.

    The other woman, who said ‘parda’ is just to hang on windows not your face.

    The other woman, who raised her son to respect his wife.

    The other woman, who made a gender balanced home.

    The other woman, who supported you when no one else did.

    The other woman, who showed you that success at work is achievable for a woman.

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    She is your mother, your teacher, sister, girlfriend, a colleague, your boss or your mother-in-law. She has influenced your life, made you who you are. She fought her own battles against taboos, to make your battles easier. You know in your heart, she is your hero!

    So let this Women’s day be about her, the other woman. Celebrate her, her struggles, her sacrifices and all that you admire in her. Thank her for the mistakes she made, so you know it is ok to fall. Thank her for her victories, for it helped you dream big. Thank her for showing you, how you can be the ‘other woman’ for someone else.

    Happy Women’s Day!

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