We will all agree that golgappas are unofficially the kings of chaat. And any wedding function is surely incomplete without these golgappas. However, we have always seen golgappas on the chaat stall or in people’s mouths during wedding ceremonies but it has never been the case that a bride has worn golgappas on her head and around her neck.

Gogappa Bride

crown garland golgappa bride

In a viral video shared by make-up artist Arthi Balaji, we can see a bride adorning a garland of golgappas. The video also shows the bride Akshaya receiving a golgappa crown as guests surround her to witness the unique ritual. Also, the plant in front of her was full of golgappas. This video was probably to show the bride’s love for her favourite dish (in fact everybody’s favourite dish) on her big day.


Make-up artist Arthi captioned the post as “Many congratulations to my pretty bride Akshaya and my groom Abhishek. This makeup was done at 3 am and this video was shot at 3 pm. Looks pleasant and flawless finish without any patches on her skin.” She further wrote, “Indian marriage games are truly a traditional and essential part of the Indian wedding extravaganza!”

The video was shared last month on Instagram and it went viral. We can say this because since then the video has been viewed over 4.7 million times.

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Other Rituals


Golgappa (benefits of golgappa) ritual was not the only food-related ritual at Akshaya and Abhishek’s wedding. In another video shared by make-up artist Arthi, Akshaya can be seen taking part in a special ritual that involves papads. In the video, the bride is wearing a cloth covering her wedding dress as the guests are trying to balance a stack of papads on her head. Following this, the slow-motion video shows her relatives smashing the stack of papads which crumbles into several pieces. Akshaya closes her eyes as pieces of papads are falling all around her. This video also went crazy viral with 4.3 million views.

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Netizens Reaction

The video has more than one lakh likes on Instagram. Also, people are tagging their friends and family on this post saying that they should make plans to do the same on their wedding day. Also, many people were curious about the unique ritual (unusual wedding traditions around the world). There were many questions in the comments section asking about the same and a user replied, “It could also depend on the community and caste of the family. Here in southern India, it’s quite common for rituals to differ from clan to clan, caste to caste or even from town to town.”  

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