There is a musician inside every human on earth. When the sun says goodbye and the cool breeze touches your soul under the dim moonlight, then that musician comes out of you. We understand how everyone desires for a super stable career. And in the quest of that stability, every person leaves behind a part of his/her self and this creates a hollow which keeps hurting you over and over. But you know what can cure that pain? The answer to that is Music. Music works no less than magic. The entire Universe sways to the tune of the earth which is testimony to the fact that music resides in every tiny bit and that, it can heal all the pains hidden deep inside you. So, you should start channelling Music like divine power and learn some easy instruments for that. And, here’s a list of instruments that are very easy to play and require no prior skills or prolonged attention.

Thumb Piano

thumb piano

Thumb Piano, also known as Kalimba, is a small and portable musical instrument that has its roots in Africa. The Instrument is very easy to learn and is made out of a wooden sound box with 17(usually) metal keys. The ancient story tellers needed an instrument to play while they talk and then thumb piano was made. You can rest assured that this is one of the easiest instruments that you would come across.

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This small, guitar like instrument was brought to Hawaii by the Portuguese, they used to refer to it as machete. But later, when the Hawaiian culture adapted this instrument, they called it Ukulele. Ukulele is like a mini guitar and works with the same mechanism. It features a sound box, a neck, fretboards and tuning forks. Ukulele’s strings are mostly nylon and are four in count. You can switch on a tutorial on Youtube and learn this instrument easily within a month or two.



Melodica is a wind instrument; it was invented by Hohner in the 1950s in Italy. This is again, a very easy instrument to play, just attach the pipe, blow air and play the key notes. Melodica doesn’t need you to have prior music knowledge and you can learn to play this instrument proficiently with some months. Other similar instruments include: Harmonica and accordion.

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Jal Tarang

jal tarang

Jal Tarang is an Indian classical instrument that comprises of ceramic bowls filled with different levels of water. The ceramic bowls when struck with a stick, the bowls produce variable notes and melodies. You can learn this instrument through online videos and guides. And, be a maestro instantly!



If you wish to step out of the blue and take up something a bit more challenging than the other instruments, then Harp will fulfil your heart’s desire. Harp is a stringed instrument where the strings are connected to the sound box at different angels. You have to play the strings with your fingers to produce melodies. Although, this is a tough instrument, but if you devote a little time to it on a regular basis, this is also the most beautiful instrument to learn. Not only will this uplift your music sense but will make your friends envious of you.

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So, don’t wait, find your musical cure right away and start making the world dance to the tune of your melodies.

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