Ekta Opens Up About Motherhood And Why Women Are Flawsome!

By Tanushree De01 Mar 2019, 20:00 IST

Producer, director, star kid, TV mogul and now a mother – Ekta Kapoor’s latest role of a mother is something that is closest to her heart. Embracing motherhood with surrogacy, Ekta is now learning to juggle her professional life with it. While she was overwhelmed when she received the news that her surrogate had conceived (that too on her birthday!), she always knew that it would be a huge responsibility. The arrival of her son Ravie was a momentous occasion but she finally realised how moms feel so guilty all the time. Guilt about not giving enough time to your child, guilt about missing out on professional commitments, guilt about not getting time to complete personal tasks – the list is endless. Her concerns are so real which makes you think that even if celebs like Ekta Kapoor may have lots of help at hand, they have to handle the actual responsibilities of being a mother at the end of the day just like any other woman.

Endless Advice For Mommies

Do this, do that, don’t do this, don’t do that – The list of advice that a new mother receives just goes on and on. Even as a new mother is coming to terms with the fact that she is in charge of a little one’s life, people, including her near and dear ones as well as acquaintances, will have many words of wisdom to impart at every step of the way. Right from feeding the child the right way to her/his schooling and playtime, people have advice about everything under the sun. So what can a new mother do? Listen to her gut, just like any other time because the experience is worth it.


An accomplished businesswoman, Ekta Kapoor recently received the 'Business Icon of the continent award'. She has also written a show about motherhood called Mentalhood, which will be out soon. It’s about momzillas, tiger moms and helicopter moms and the pressure that they have to face, the guilt that they have to deal with. Writing the show became a very personal experience for Ekta Kapoor.