In most Indian households eating in a steel plate is very common. They come in different sizes, styles and shapes. There are dinner sets in the market which are made of stainless steel. Besides being durable, it turns out that eating food in a steel plate has a few health benefits but there are many other monetary benefits as well. Scroll down to get a better understanding of why using steel is a good decision. 


If you have kids in the house or are clumsy like me then breaking plates or bowls is not something new. In this scenario, using a steel plate is a very good idea as these never break. So this way you even save so much money and you rarely have heartbreaks when the dinner set is not ruined.


Stainless steel crockery does not rust which is one classic excuse to make them a part of our kitchen. Every time we clean them, they look new. 

Easy Cleaning

When we use plastic, ceramic or glass plates, cleaning them is a task. You have to be very careful when handling them. One slip and they are gone. Steel plates are lighter and you do not have to bother whether they are on the side of the sink or other utensils have been kept over them.

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Presence Of Iron & Chromium

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Stainless steel has iron, chromium and nickel so whenever we eat food from them, the iron and chromium rubs on to our food and enters our bloodstream. Iron and chromium are essential nutrients for our body. According to British Nutrition Foundation, “Iron is essential for the formation of hemoglobin in red blood cells”, while “chromium is the active form of this nutrient and its main functions appear to be linked with carbohydrate and lipid metabolism. This form of chromium is thought to promote the action of insulin, the hormone which controls glucose levels in the blood. Subjects with adequate dietary chromium have improved control over blood glucose and a better blood lipid profile.”

Safe Material

Unlike plastic or melamine plates, steel plates are safe to serve food in. This material does not affect the flavour, taste or nutrients of food in a negative way. Another cool point is that there is no space for dirt or grime to settle in.

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Steel plates do not chip easily and need no polishing. This is why many ancestral kitchens boast of shining cutlery and give a very earthy, comforting feel. If you like watching food shows then tune in to “Raja, Rasoi Aur Anya Kahaniyaan” which explores traditional food across India, giving us a sneak peek of old, ancestral kitchens. You will know what we are talking about here. 

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Reusable & Recyclable

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Unlike other materials, steel plates actually help our environment as well. They are 100 % reusable and recyclable and if you are bored of the same set, it is easy to get rid of them as they are sold and the metal is melted and used for other purposes. 

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