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The Need To Stop Glorifying Men To Do The Bare Minimum

We need to stop glorifying these five basic bare minimums of men right now.
Published -21 Nov 2021, 18:50 ISTUpdated -21 Nov 2021, 19:14 IST
glorifying men

When we glorify men for doing just the bare minimum, we are setting the bar way too low for them. That means we are not even expecting them to improve. Here are some of the bare minimums that men do which we need to stop glorifying.

For Taking Care Of Children

father responsibility

It is not only the job of moms to take care of their children. It is just as much a responsibility of a father as of a mother. We need to stop applauding men every time he changes his baby's diaper or helps them in the process of growing up. We also need to stop referring to women whose partners do these things as "lucky." The man is simply performing his tasks and doing nothing out of the ordinary. Every man should be doing this thing not as a help but as his own responsibility.

For Allowing Women To Work

allow women to work

Some men take pride in announcing that they have allowed the women of their family to go out and work, without realizing that they should not be the one taking that decision. Whether to work outside or not should be an individual's personal choice, and when the men say that they are allowing women to work, it just demonstrates that they believe they are superiors with the right to decide the fate of their inferiors (in this case women). This does not deserve applause at all.

For Not Physically Abusing Partners

It is basic human decency to not physically or sexually harass or abuse another individual and when we applaud men for not doing any of this, that implies that we don't even expect basic human decency from them. There is no denying that men are also victims of assaults and harassment too, and their stories and experiences are just as valid as those of women victims. However, the difference is that, we do not go around glorifying women for not abusing the males, whereas we as a society do so in the case of men.

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For Taking Consent

understanding consent

We encourage men's comfort when we praise them for simply understanding that sexual harassment and abuse are awful things and that consent should be taken seriously.  It's very important to note that there's a distinction between stating one's opposition to sexual assault and really taking action against it. If a man claims to understand consent and to be against sexual assault but fails to speak out when someone is harassed or when offensive remarks and jokes are made, he does not deserve your admiration or praise at all. Understanding consent is just the bare minimum!

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For Being Empathetic

empathetic man

Empathy is a basic human trait that is expected from everyone. It is a gender neutral term. So, if you find the men next to you showing empathy, do not applaud them. It is literally how any human should treat another human.

We all need to realize that in a battle to reach a place of equality, we need to stop glorifying men for doing just the bare minimum. We need to raise the bar for our men and expect better from them. Trust me, they are capable of doing it all. 

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