Our society has always been gender-biased and there are endless examples of the same, if you think hard you might be able to find some in your own life too. The framework of the society is unfortunately so rigid that it takes a lot of time to accept new evolution and notions other than those it promulgates. So, the women, as a result of this rigidity, get judged and ruthlessly bullied and pulled down by society even now. 

Think like this, if a man is single having a job, and knows how to cook, there are long phrases that society would have to offer to him. But if a woman is single for a long time, despite having everything, she will be judged and you will get to hear a lot of things about her for sure. But it’s high time this gets changed now. Gender neutrality is something we can achieve with collective efforts and it is the ideal goal we should set our eyes on in order to progress. Therefore below are some assumptions that we as a society make about single women and we must stop them.

‘There Is Something Wrong With Her For Sure’

assumptions about single women


The first and foremost thing that comes to one’s mind after looking at a single woman is that something is surely wrong with her, which is why she isn’t getting married even though she is old enough. Marriage is still like the ultimate goal of a woman’s life and if she is not getting married then perhaps there must be some problems with her only is what most people think. 

But it shouldn’t be like that, every woman has the liberty to decide for herself what she wants. One woman would willingly want to get married at a certain age while the other might not, we’re all different and this must be understood. Being single is also a choice that many make and we should take it respectfully.

‘She Must Be Lonely’

assumptions about single women

 Just because someone is living as a single individual doesn’t imply that the person doesn’t have a family or doesn’t have life. This is a very irrational notion that is subjected towards single women especially.  As we said, being single is a choice and it has its perks too, one can enjoy and spend time with family, friends and whoever she would want to. Further, she can do anything in her life without bearing the burden of unnecessary expectations.

'She Must Be Too Self Centered'

assumptions about single women

If you are a single woman you might have observed people having an impression of you being too self-centered. For one, it is absolutely alright if you want to be your own friend, stay alone and live life as per your own conditions. But sadly, a woman who does all those things is narrowly misjudged as an egoistic and self-centered person who is too involved with her work that she doesn't even have the time to start a family or have a boyfriend.

‘She’s Scared Of Committing’

assumptions about single women

Another assumption that people generally have about single women is that probably they are scared of commitment and perhaps they don’t want to live with one person loyally. Also, this assumption further leads to the inappropriate breakdown of that woman’s character which is not rightful at all. 

A single woman could be living in that setup because of her own reason which need not be publicized. Every person in society has the right to chose the life he/she wants and this must not change for women. 

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What We Must Accept

Our world is an abstract amalgamation of unique characters and unfathomable horizons, setting parameters, being judgemental and too rigid can hinder its beauty. 

Therefore we must learn to spread love without passing judgment in addition to that, we must embrace changes and new things in life with great zeal and happiness and keep striving for a society that is balanced and not biased. 

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