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Weekly Horoscope For Zodiac Signs Between April 9 And April 15

Are stars aligned in your favour or not? Read on your weekly horoscope to know more.
Published -09 Apr 2022, 10:37 ISTUpdated -09 Apr 2022, 10:48 IST
  • Administrator
  • Editorial
  • Published -09 Apr 2022, 10:37 ISTUpdated -09 Apr 2022, 10:48 IST
horoscope pankaj

With the right planning and execution, a lot of future anxieties could be taken care of. Our astrologer Pankaj Khanna is here to guide you through the upcoming week. Read on your detailed horoscope and see what the stars have to say.


Travel for pleasure could be on your mind. Money or business opportunity pops up, so you'll have a second chance to deal with the issues. Also, it's a good time to seek wise advice from those in the know. Romance turns out to be a whole new ball game, so plan accordingly.



People with the Taurus (2022 Horoscope Prediction) sun sign will have a wider view of an ambiguous matter that should be clear now. Looking at credit or a loan option may help you sort out a financial problem. Do not overlook the risky aspects of a business deal, as you may feel under pressure in carrying out the things you don't want to do. Love is refreshing and amusing.


A long-standing problem involving a colleague is resolved at work. Get the proper paperwork done in order to avoid last-minute hassles. Don't allow a situation to get out of hand, and avoid any emotional outbursts in the romantic arena.


A little analysis helps you find the solution to a prolonged issue. Even though you welcome friends, you may feel a need to break away from the popular trend. A major purchase for your comfort zone is indicated, but you still need to select with care. Your mate may reveal a fantasy that strikes a deeply appealing note.


leo horoscope

New horizons are opening for you on the career front, and a beneficial opportunity could come about through a social connection. Control the urge to spend to impress. Too many things on your mind make your personal life problematic. Don't expect to understand what your mate is really thinking.


You've been spending a lot of time on a project, which now could reach an important milestone. Trying something different may seem strange to others, but it'll give satisfaction to your soul. You will excel in a demanding situation and leave your competitors speechless, but don't give away more than is good for you in the romantic arena.


This is an excellent time for discussing beneficial schemes with your partner, although a project may not be proceeding as planned, leading to some frustration. Concentrate on creative ideas that will excite and motivate others. In romance, singles can expect a fantastic time.


A personal connection opens the door for new career options. Mixing work and pleasure should work to your advantage. You may branch out from the conventional in search of rapid growth. Circumstances require leadership and competence, and your shrewd thinking works wonders. Romance can flourish if you remember the little things.


horoscope images

In an optimistic frame of mind? More inclined to max the plastic on pleasure? Step carefully, as a mistake you have made in investment could create some tension. You may have to deal with an indecisive character, but don't let that divert you from your convictions. The call of the heart is a call of the wild - and emotionally draining.


You are apt to feel excited about an upcoming event. Expansion at work is possible, and time-tested ideas are more acceptable. Minor details need a closer look, and money issues may crop up again. Ugh. Philosophical discussions can spoil the romance.

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A favourable period for money matters, but prepare for some extra expenses. It may also be difficult to find co-operation at work, so stick with what you do best. Create a safe space before exchanging confidential feelings. A spicy new idea may seem to have real merit as your romantic melody hits a high note.

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It's not easy for people of Pisces (2022 Love Horoscope) zodiac sign to make a new associate come around to your thoughts, as superiors should be backing your plans. This is a good time to utilize your networking and communication resources. Be happy with little advances and monetary gains. In romance, you can find a middle ground for your differences. 

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