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    Anti-Valentine’s Week 2023: From Slap Day To Breakup Day, Here's All About Anti-Valentine's Week

    Anti-Valentine’s Week begins right after Valentine’s Day. Anti-Valentine’s Week consists of Slap Day, Kick Day, Perfume Day, Flirt Day, Confession Day, Missing Day, Breakup Day. Here is all you need to know about the full list of Anti-Valentine’s ...
    Updated at - 2023-02-15,16:14 IST
    anti valentines week days full list

    Valentine's week leaves all the singles annoyed for all the right reasons. Valentine's is all about love, the vibe is all mushy, partners pamper each other with red roses, chocolates, love cards, gifts and whatnot. All to express their feelings for their loved ones. As sweet as it might sound, it irks those who are still a part of singledom.

    That's why singles celebrate Anti-Valentine's Week once the lovey-dovey Valentine's week concludes. Unlike the week of love, this one is a celebration for singles, heartbroken and those who 'hate love'. The celebrations begin on February 15, just a day after the most romantic day of the year, Valentine's Day.

    Anti-Valentine's Week Full List 

    • Slap Day - February 15
    • Kick Day - February 16
    • Perfume Day - February 17
    • Flirt Day - February 18
    • Confession Day - February 19
    • Missing Day - February 20
    • Breakup Day - February 21

    Slap Day - February 15

    slap day feb

    The Anti-Valentine's Week starts with the slap day. The day gives an opportunity to all those heartbroken to go back and give their ex a fun slap for all the pain they gave them.

    Kick Day - February 16

    The day is celebrated on the second day of the Anti-Valentine's Week. This day is celebrated to kick away all the negativity, courtesy ex-partners from their life.

    Perfume Day - February 17

    Those who have no one to pamper them during Valentine's Week look forward to this day. On the occasion of perfume day, singles pamper themselves by buying perfumes for themselves.

    Flirt Day - February 18

    While the whole idea behind Anti-Valentine's week  is to keep love at bay, it is only this day when singles try to connect with someone new. However, it doesn't always have a love angle. It can be a friendly way to know someone.

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    Confession Day - February 19

    This is the day one can express their feelings to someone they like. Some also take it as an opportunity to go back to their ex and apologise to them for their past mistakes.

    Missing Day - February 20

    Again, this is the day celebrated by those who are terribly missing their exes and wish to tell them how they feel.

    Breakup Day - February 21

    Love isn't for everyone and this day is a celebration for all those people. It is celebrated by those who wish to end the relationship they might be in or give closure to their past relationship.

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    History Of Anti-Valentine's Week

    Though the history of Anti-Valentine's Week is unknown, it is believed to have originated from the pressures of celebrating the week of love, Valentine's week. Anti-Valentine's Week is a celebration by all those who are either single, heartbroken or those who don't believe in the idea of love. The entire week allows such people to celebrate themselves, and their single status. The week is marked by fun days like Slap Day, Kick Day, Perfume Day, all that aim to promote self-love, life and leave behind the past. Over the years, Anti-Valentine's Week  has gained a lot of popularity and it is celebrated with the same zeal as Valentine's Week. 

    FAQ’s About Anti-Valentine’s Week

    anti valentines week

    When Is Anti-Valentine's Week?

    Anti-Valentine’s Week is celebrated right after Valentine's week. The celebrations begin on February 15. 

    What is Anti-Valentine’s Week?

    Anti-Valentine’s Week is a celebration by those who aren’t into love,  are single or heartbroken. 

    Which day of the Anti-Valentine’s Week is 'Slap Day'?

    Slap Day is celebrated on the first day of the Anti-Valentine’s week. 

    When is ‘Breakup Day’ celebrated?

    Breakup day is celebrated on the last day of the week, i.e., February 21. 

    Why is Anti-Valentine’s week celebrated?

    The week is celebrated by singles or those who hate love and romance because of their hurtful past experiences. 









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