The year 2021 is here and people are filled with new energy and hope. Everyone is looking forward to positive changes in their lives this year, especially when it comes to love and relationship. Not just job and money, but even loneliness affected people in a significant manner in 2020. 

Hence, most of us want to find that someone special and settle down. You must be wondering about what lies in your future. One of the best ways to predict that is by birth numbers. Check out the numerology prediction of the year by Manish Malviya Ji, a celebrity numerologist and tarot card reader. 

Number 1 

Your relationship will get stronger this year. Those who have been waiting to tie the knot will most likely meet partners. Also, couples in love can get married this year. 


Number 2 

If you and your family members were going through a rough patch, the tension would be relieved. You will be enjoying the emotional support of your partner this year. There is a possibility of new love and relationship.  You might also enjoy opportunities to flirt.

Number 3

It will be in your best interest if you keep your intelligence and wit away from your relationship this year. It will assist you by giving you joyous moments of laughter and fun in the relationship. However, when it comes to marriage, people may get disappointed. Also, marriages can be postponed.

Number 4

This year can turn out to be a little complicated as you may feel that your ego is interfering in the relationship. By not giving any significance to your partner's words, and by just imposing your will on him, you are working to fulfil his wishes. People who are willing to tie the knot in a love affair will get success, however, this will come after facing some obstacles. 


Number 5

This is a lucky year for birth number 5, as all your relationships will become stronger and healthier. When it comes to marriage, you will also get success in all the matters. If you suffered a divorce lately, may also re-join relationships firmly. There is a chance of indulging in more than one relationship. You must take care of the situation. 

Number 6

You will be enjoying love and family relationships this year for the fullest. You and your partner are likely to receive full affection throughout the year, besides receiving a lot of gifts. Those you are in a love affair will marry their partners. Many looking to arrange marriages will also get success. You can also travel to abroad along with spending love moments with your partner.


Number 7

You will make your partner happy with your innovative ideas and unique experiments. Situations in all kinds of relationships will remain smooth and pleasant. There rea chances that the faded relations will also turn green. Those who have been waiting for marriage will tie the knot. Many can also fall in love this year. 

Number 8

If you remain serious and unhappy due to lack of love in life, here’s a reason to rejoice, because you will be meeting someone special this year. Have you been very busy lately? The time of interaction and love will increase, removing gaps and many misconceptions between the two. Those people who will receive love (what love means to Indian millennials) or marriage proposals must think and then take meaningful decisions. 

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Number 9


The year will not be packed with problems when it comes to family relations (how to deal with an egoistic husband), instead, love and affection will increase in the family. If single people try, they may soon be tying the knot. People who are in love with someone else must remain cautious. Don’t trust people blindly in the matter of money because the partners can harm in some way or the other.

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