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    10 Questions Everyone Should Ask Their Partner Before Marriage

    Marriage is a very big decision in life and thus you must choose your partner very carefully. Here are some question you must ask before giving your c...
    Published -05 Aug 2021, 18:00 ISTUpdated -05 Aug 2021, 18:14 IST
    questions to ask your partner

    Marriage is a special bond between two souls who are officially committed to being with each other in both tough and happy times. In addition to that, it is also a coalition of two families as one and a connection of emotional, legal, and economical matters between them. It is further legitimate to develop sexual relations and give birth to children after marriage.

    A lot of things rely on the way your marriage grows and the biggest, the most important things out of them is your own mental, physical wellness. Nowadays we come across so many couples who get disintegrated after a short while only and thus marriages should not be done hastily. It is a matter of several lives and therefore you must take this decision very carefully. Holding a proper discussion before stepping in for a new phase in your life is crucial and thus here are some questions that you should be asking your partner before marriage.

    1. What do you think or live together will look like in the coming 5 years, 10 years, and 20 years?

    question sto ask before marriage

    We are definitely not telling you to worry about the future but an idea from your future partner’s perspective is also very important for you to know.

    2. How are we going to plan our family?

    Talking about children, how and when is also something that you would like to know as a girl. Ask this question and explain how you feel about this matter. How are you will plan the family with your life partner and things related to this you ant to express.

    3. How are we going to deal with hard circumstances, fights, and arguments?

    It Is surely not possible that people who live together do not have fights or arguments. Each individual is different and that is why our opinions and thoughts clash sometimes, therefore it is a mature practice to talk about how you are going to tackle those differences.

    4. Will we let our past lives, exes affect the present and future?

    There are some people who are stuck in their pasts and can’t really allow themselves to move on. Therefore you must discuss this as it might end up affecting your relationship big time if the other person doesn’t want to change.

    5. How are we going to manage our finances?

    Talking finance is another important thing, as a modern family promotes a working woman, they might also expect you to contribute in certain things, which you should know beforehand.

    6. What are you expecting of your future spouse?

    discuss these things before marriage

    You know yourself better than anyone and that is why you should ask this question and compare whether or not you are matching the figure that your future spouse has created in his mind or not.

    7. How are we going to create a balance between our work and life?

    It is vital that your husband is a friend you can rely on. Since you both would be working, it might become difficult and complicated for you to give time to each other but carving a way out of the problem is important.

    8. Would it be alright if I manage my things(work, friends, stress, entertainment) on my own?

    marriage discussion

    Many times it might become tough for our partners to handle the freedom we like to live with. So, you must understand what affects him the most and tell where you can’t really compromise.

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    9. Do we really like each other’s parents?

    This is a very crucial question that you must not ignore even if you know that the other person might not like this discussion. You are going to be sharing your life with a person who doesn’t like your parents(things to keep in mind before meeting your in-laws) or maybe you don’t like his, that wouldn’t be the perfect picture for sure.

    10.  What is the importance of sex in your life?

    importance of sex in married life

    Sex might be a pivotal point for the other person in the relationship and perhaps not for you or the situation maybe vice versa. So, it is better you know everything beforehand.

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    Share these questions with everyone who is going to get married and tell them that this discussion is very important. If you liked reading this article then stay tuned to Her Zindagi for more.

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