Travelling to a new place is not only exciting because of all the new places to discover but also because we get to shop till we drop. Sometimes we shop to travel and sometimes we travel to shop but what are the things you need to do while going on a shopping spree when you are away from home? Let’s find out.

Buy Smartly

buy smartly

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So you fell in love with a thick faux fur coat or a headgear that you saw in a market while vacationing. You ended up buying it only to realise later that it is never that cold to wear the coat or the headgear looks totally out of place with the clothes you usually wear. Disastrous isn’t it? Also consider the pricing of the item no matter how exotic it is. Buy pieces that will add to your own style and start making a collection. For example, get a dupatta from Lucknow and pair it with juttis from Punjab and a neckpiece from MP for a unique look.

Where To Shop?

Go all out and do not restrict yourself to a certain place for shopping. You may get the best ethnic wear in the flea market while malls of a certain area may be best to shop for fragrances and footwear. Also, be aware of which days the main market in that area is closed and plan your shopping spree accordingly.

Size Matters

While shopping abroad the most common scenario faced by shoppers is trouble deciding which size to buy. So be very familiar with the US, UK, European and Indian size. In local markets if you have a doubt, opt for a bigger size since you don’t have much time or a place to try something on. 

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Pack Well

pack well

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Always keep extra space in your bag so that you can stuff the shopped items in it properly. There’s no point buying that branded dress or cosmetics, only to find that there’s no space to pack them in your bags without causing any damage.

Zip It And Ship It

Do not end up paying a huge baggage fee after shopping a lot as it makes for a pretty bad bargain. Have it delivered to your address instead. This also works out best for fragile stuff as the seller will be shipping it and you will not be liable for any damage during transit. This way you can shop to your heart’s content and travel stress free.

Follow The Rules

Just as it is with online shopping, do not buy stuff like lingerie which you won’t be able to exchange, return or gift to anyone else if you don’t like them later on. 

So shopping on a vacation boils down to doing a little research, bargaining well and getting the right stuff for you. To know more online shopping tips, shopping tips for festive season, tips to save money during online sales, buying quirky gifts and jewellery shopping tips keep watching this space.

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