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Breakfast Food That You Should Not Order In A Restaurant

From pancakes to juices, here are some breakfast food that you should not order in a restaurant!
  • Kumari Rajnigandha
  • Editorial
Published -18 May 2022, 15:45 ISTUpdated -18 May 2022, 16:02 IST
food at restaurant

Who doesn't enjoy waking up to a delicious breakfast? It's no surprise that most individuals start their weekdays or weekends with a lavish breakfast spread at a popular restaurant. If you're planning on having a delicious breakfast at your favourite restaurant, you should read this before making your order. Here's a list of breakfast foods you should avoid ordering at a restaurant.

Pav Bhaji

pav bhaji

You must never order food that’s made of bread. You never know for long the bread’s been lying around in the restaurant. Be sceptical about the bread that’s being used before ordering it. There are high chances that the bread is not fresh. 

The hidden secret beneath the delicious basket of fluffy different breads will surprise you as much as we adore it. If you thought the bread basket on your table was only for you, think again. The majority of breads and baked goods delivered in a lovely basket are recycled old and stale bread pieces. So choose your bread with care.


Well, if you want to lose weight then you might think that it’s only logical to order some salad. Keep in mind that you should never order salad for breakfast at a restaurant because the open salad bar can be home to various kinds of germs and moreover it will only make you fall ill.

Think twice if you enjoy breakfast buffets and starting your day with a fruit or vegetable salad from the appealing and vivid salad bar. The open salad bar can spread viruses from hands, air, and picking vegetables and fruits with the same tong.



While eating a warm sweet pancake with fruits, berries, butter and maple syrup or gobs of ice cream may seem like a fun take on a traditional meal, did you know that most pancakes are just a plain batter which comprises flour, vanilla essence, and sugar? So why pay for a simple pancake when you can actually have something more wholesome in the same amount of money? Better still, if you wish to have some pancakes just make it in easy steps. 

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Fresh juice can simply make your breakfast healthier, but what if we told you that most juices are not freshly extracted, and that in certain instances, packed juices are served as fresh juices? When it comes to fresh juices, leaving them out in the open can lead to contamination, while commercial drinks are filled with chemicals and sugar. So pick your juice carefully.

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Desserts Made Of Yoghurt

Why spend money on something you can produce at home and enjoy however you want? Most chefs believe that ordering a bowl of yoghurt from an a la carte menu is a waste of money when compared to ordering yoghurt-based sweets like cheese cake or pudding. It's a waste of money to order a bowl of yoghurt and top it with berries, fruits, or granola.

Instead, you should simply opt for baked desserts that make for a good value for your money. Instead of ordering basic meals, just try and make something that you cannot make at home. 

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