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5 Types Of Tadkas You Can Add To Your Dal And Sabzis

Boost the taste of your regular recipes by topping them with flavourful temperings. 
Published -13 Nov 2021, 15:00 ISTUpdated -13 Nov 2021, 15:19 IST
easy tadka recipes for sabzi and dal chana dal curry leaves onion tomato

Our desi Indian food is incomplete with tadka. Agree? Be it our regular aloo sabzi or moong dal, all that adds flavour to our regular dishes is the tempering or the tadka. 

You know what's the best thing about Indian food? Every region in the country has its own exclusive tadka recipe. While in some regions, we find the tadka prepared using desi ghee, red chillies, in other region, nigella seeds, curry leaves are used to add flavour to dal and sabzis. 

There are different ingredients from your kitchen which can make interesting tadkas for your everyday dishes. So, here we thought of sharing 5 easy tadka or tempering recipes you can try. 

Hing And Jeera Tadka 

hing jeera tadka

One of the most popular tadka recipes, this one can be used as a tempering for both dal and sabzi. For this tempering, you just need two ingredients. 

  • In a pan, add some oil. You can use normal vegetable oil or ghee as per choice. 
  • Add a pinch of hing or asafoetida and 1 tsp jeera to it. 
  • Once the jeera begins to splutter, take off flame. 
  • Pour over the sabzi or dal. 

Onion And Tomato Tadka

onion tomato tadka

Typically prepared in the North India region, this tempering instantly adds richness and flavour to any dal recipe. This tempering can be prepared using onion, tomato and a few spices. 

  • In a pan, add some oil or ghee. 
  • Add cumin seeds. 
  • Next, add in chopped onions and tomatoes. 
  • Once reduced to half, take off flame and mix with the dal. 

Red Chilli Tadka

red chilli tadka

This tempering is for those who love adding spice to their everyday dal and sabzis. Another easy tempering recipe, this one can be prepared using whole red chillies, garlic and mustard seeds. This tadka is quite popular in Bihari recipes. 

  • In a pan, add some oil or ghee. 
  • Add in chopped garlic, mustard seeds and 2 whole red chillies. 
  • Cook on low flame. 
  • Once the mustard seeds start to splutter, take off flame and transfer to the dal or sabzi. 

Curry Leaves And Chana Dal Tadka

This one adds great flavour and aroma to your recipes. The chana dal also adds in some crunch to your dal and sabzi. 

  • In pan, add some oil or ghee. 
  • Add in 1/2 tsp mustard seeds and chana dal. 
  • Lastly, add curry leaves and switch off flame. 
  • Top your dal or sabzi with the tempering.

Panch Phoran Or 5 Seeds Tadka

This is a common tadka used in the Bengal region. The tempering can be prepared using 5 different types of seeds - carom seeds, fenugreek seeds, onion seeds, mustard seeds and fennel seeds. Adding this tempering will not only add great flavour to your dish but also give it an extra crunch.

  • In a pan, add mustard oil. Though this tempering is traditionally prepared using mustard oil, you can also use regular oil or ghee. 
  • Add in all the 5 seeds - carom, fennel, onion, fenugreek, mustard. Mix well. 
  • Once the seeds start to splutter, top the tempering over your dal or sabzi. 

Adding these interesting tempering to your regular recipes will help you enhance their flavour in a jiffy. The amount of spices and other ingredients can be customised as per your personal taste and preferences. 

Do you have any interesting tempering or tadka recipes to share? If yes, write to us on our Facebook page and we would be happy to share them with our readers. 

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