Cook Biryani In 10 Minutes Via One Pot One Shot Cooking Method!

If you love cooking, that's awesome but you can make the ones who run away from the task cook too, thanks to the concept of OPOS cooking! 

Kishori Sud
opos cooking interview

Have you heard of OPOS? It stands for One Pot One Shot which is a cooking style that has been developed by B Ramakrishnan from Chennai. Thanks to this method, chicken biryani can be cooked in 6 minutes, a mutton biryani in 12 minutes. I know it sounds kind of impossible right? Well OPOS does it. HerZindagi had the opportunity to interviewRamakrishnan and he revealed it was the lack of standardisation in pre-existing recipes that lead to the creation of the technique in the first place.

How was the idea of OPOS cooking born?

When I was struggling to cook for myself and cookbooks did not help. It took a while to realise there are no bad cooks. Only bad recipes. After this realisation, I started work on creating foolproof recipes that work for anyone, anywhere, anytime. It later led to OPOS. 

How healthy is OPOS cooking?


It is probably the healthiest way to cook. It makes food come alive. Innumerable nutrition tests prove this fact. So do brighter colours, textures, flavours and taste.

Which one is your favourite recipe using OPOS? 

It is the no water biriyani. It took thousands of trials for over a decade before we understood how to cook biriyani in OPOS. 

Well, we know this common mentality where the average Indian man, unfortunately, does not cook. But thanks to OPOS, many male members have taken to becoming independent somewhere. The OPOS group on social media, which is quite large actually with 23,000 active members on FB, and 13,000 members in the OPOS school. Interestingly, the group encourages men to cook more than just Maggi and eggs. Men of all age groups be it young professionals or aged grandfathers, they all have started experiment with dishes.

Do you see OPOS cooking as an agent of liberation for women? 

opos cooking healthy

Certainly. But not just for women. For everyone who does not want to depend on someone else for their food.



What’s your take on the popular phrase ‘a woman’s place is in the kitchen’?

A woman's place is anywhere she chooses to be. It is and should be her choice alone.

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What’s the next step for you?

Take OPOS to every kitchen across the world. The One world, One Cookbook is designed to do that. I travel country by country trying to make this happen.