Don’t we all want yummy snacks while working or taking a sip of our beloved chai? Of course, we do! Munching on those store-bought snacks that are high in saturated fats and calories can take a toll on your health, by making you bulkier. It is best to switch those unhealthy food items with something more scrumptious and homemade, such as the pasta chips. Its recipe is so easy that even your kid can impress everyone by making it! So, without further due, let’s learn how to make easy-peasy pasta chips.

Pasta Chips Recipe Card

Pasta chips, a super delicious snack recipe you can enjoy during tea time.

Total Time :
20 min
Preparation Time :
10 min
Cooking Time :
10 min
Servings :
Cooking Level :
Samriddhi Srivastava


  • 1 Cup Bowtie Pasta
  • Olive Oil For Frying
  • ½ Cup Cheese
  • 1 ½ Teaspoon Red Chili Powder
  • 1 Teaspoon Pepper
  • 2 Teaspoons Garlic Powder
  • Salt To Taste


Step 1
Begin by boiling your pasta. Let the pasta be slightly undercooked so that it doesn’t become mushy.
Step 2
Drain and dry it completely to remove moisture completely.
Step 3
Meanwhile, place a pan on stove and olive oil in it.
Step 4
Before frying your pasta, also keep a tray aside lined with a paper towel for draining fried pasta chips.
Step 5
Once the oil turns hot, add cooked pasta in small quantities into oil for deep frying.
Step 6
Cook until all the pieces turn golden brown and crispy. It shall take around 1-2 minutes.
Step 7
Place pasta in the paper towel-lined tray to drain the oil.
Step 8
Lastly, season the chips with salt, chilli powder, garlic powder and pepper powder.
Step 9

pasta aa

Give a good mix, and then add cheese. Serve with sauce!