A delicious paneer gravy dish, this recipe is cooked in the tomato puree and the koftas are induced with ajwain or carom seeds. It is great for fasting time and Shradh 2020. So prepare it for lunch or dinner with this easy recipe.

Ajwaini Paneer Curry Recipe Card

This is a no onion no garlic recipe which can be served for lunch or dinner.

Total Time :
65 min
Preparation Time :
5 min
Cooking Time :
60 min
Servings :
Cooking Level :
Main Course
Kishori Sud


  • 200 gms paneer
  • 80 gms singhare ka atta
  • Sendha namak to taste
  • 300 gms fresh pureed tomato
  • 10 gms ajwain
  • 20 gms deggi mirch
  • 15 gms chopped coriander
  • 100 ml oil


Step 1
Mash the paneer and mix in the salt and atta.
Step 2
Make kofta shaped balls with the batter and fry in oil.
Step 3
In another pan, heat some oil and add the ajwain, sauteing it for a minute.
Step 4
Now fold in the puree and cook for 5 minutes.
Step 5
Add the salt and chilli.
Step 6
Add the koftas in the gravy, cook for 30 seconds and then serve the curry hot with a garnishing of coriander.