One reason why we love the hot summer season is that it brings along the fresh and juicy mangoes that we all crave for! Mango milkshake is one of the most loved beverages.

However, many of us fail to get that thick and creamy milkshake consistency at home. So, here we thought of bringing you a quick mango milkshake recipe which can be easily prepared with just 4 ingredients.

How To Make Mango Milkshake?

  • Begin with chopping a ripe mango into small cubes. 
  • In a blender, add mango cubes. 
  • Add sugar as per taste. 
  • Drop in scoops of vanilla ice cream. 
  • Pour in chilled milk. 
  • Blend it well till you get a creamy and thick texture. 
  • Top with ice cream or nuts as per choice. This step is optional. 

Thick Mango Milkshake Recipe Card

Treat yourself with a glass of thick mango milkshake this weekend.

Total Time :
10 min
Preparation Time :
2 min
Cooking Time :
8 min
Servings :
Cooking Level :
Tanya Malik


  • 2 Cup Chopped Mangoes
  • Sugar As Per Taste
  • 2-4 Scoops Of Vanilla Ice cream
  • 1 Cup Chilled Milk
  • Nuts Or Ice Cream (Optional)


Step 1
Peel mangoes and chop into cubes.
Step 2
Add mango cubes, vanilla ice cream, sugar as per taste.
Step 3
Add in chilled milk. Blend.
Step 4

mango shake at home how to make

Top with nuts or ice cream. Serve. Enjoy!