Try This KitKat Fritters Recipe By Chef Aman Puri

By Kishori Sud24 Aug 2018, 09:44 IST

With the festival season approaching, you can try a lot of things at home especially deserts with so many guests coming over to your place. Make, bake, fry different surprises for your family and friends. Try making fritters using chocolate wafers at home uing the recipe suggested by Chef Aman Puri

Here is the recipe:


* Any chocolate wafer

* Pancake batter


1. Coat the wafers in the batter which is thick, so, do the coating properly so that you get the actual crisp. 

2. Then deep fry the fingers until they turn light brown. 

3. Once done, serve them in a platter with a garnishing of chocolate sauce, a bit of salted caramel, sprinkled with some powdered sugar, almond and pistachios, fresh mint leaves. Serve with love.