Ginger or adrak is one of the most commonly used ingredients in Indian kitchens. From our cup of tea to curries, we use it just everywhere. The flavour and aroma of fresh ginger are just unmatched. 

We really love cooking with ginger but let's agree that peeling it is a bit tricky. The vegetable has an irregular shape which makes peeling it a little difficult. This one reason why a lot of people prefer using it in dry powder form for their different food preparations.

Well, here we have an easy guide for you that will help you peel ginger in an easy way.

Easy Tips To Peel Ginger

Use A Spoon

How do you peel the ginger? With a knife? Replace your knife with a spoon and use its edge to scrape off the thin skin gently. This will make it way too easy and safe too. You can also use a butter knife instead of a spoon. As the layer of skin is too thin on ginger, it doesn't really need a sharp knife. 

Slice The Outer Layer

ginger peel with spoon

If you want it to be really quick, you can use a sharp knife to slice off the outer layer of the ginger. This can make you end up slicing a lot of ginger but this is an easy way if you don't have much time. The ginger trimmings can further be used in tea preparations at home. 

Get A Ginger Peeler

Ginger peelers are easily available in the market. They help in scraping off a thick layer. Yes, it does add to the wastage but then these can be used in other food preparations as the flavour remains the same. 

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Quick Tips To Slice, Cut, Or Grate Ginger

After peeling off the outer layer, cutting or slicing clearly depends on the food preparation you are using it for. 

Start slicing the ginger into thin coin-shaped slices. You can also cut them thick if that's your requirement. 

ginger cutting grating mincing

If you need thin strips of ginger for your food then julienne the ginger. Place the thick ginger slice horizontally and then cut into thin strips. 

Take a thick chunk of peeled ginger and start grating it using a ginger grater. 

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Is It Important To Peel Ginger?

A lot of you may not know that ginger peel, which is extremely thin is edible. It doesn't really make a difference to flavour or texture of your teas or curries. In case you don't feel like peeling off the ginger or find it just too tricky then you can use it as is. Yes, it is completely okay if you have ginger skin. 

Quick Tips

how to store ginger

Always wash the ginger under running water. Keep rubbing it till all the dust accumulated on it goes off. Using a kitchen towel, pat dry and then start to peel and use. 

Keeping unwrapped fresh ginger in the refrigerator can ruin it quickly. Always wrap the ginger in a plastic bag and then place in the freezer. Do you know, freezing ginger in the freezer can make it last for 6 long months? (tips to store vegetables)

We hope this hack guide makes it easier for you to use ginger in your kitchen. For more such kitchen-related hacks/tips, stay tuned!