If you love the mouth-watering taste of peanut butter and want more from it than just scoping through the container and eating the peanut butter. Then we have a very simple recipe for you to check out. Here's a recipe for making peanut butter pudding right at your home. 

  • Start by mixing sugar, cornstarch, and salt together inside a saucepan and add a little quantity of milk, a little at a time and half and half to the mixture. This will help in dissolving the sugar and will also make the taste of the dish much better.
  • Now carefully bring the mixture to a boil and then gradually lower the flame to medium. 
  • Cook the mixture while stirring continuously to avoid the burning of the ingredients, for about 2-3 minutes.
  • After cooking for the above-mentioned time, turn off the flame and add in peanut butter and vanilla essence to the mixture and blend until a smooth texture is formed.
  • Finally, transfer this mixture into the different serving dishes and then store it inside the refrigerator for 30 minutes. 
  • And finally, serve!

Peanut Butter Pudding Recipe Card

Check out this absolutely delightful recipe to make the peanut butter pudding at home this summer season.

Total Time :
50 min
Preparation Time :
35 min
Cooking Time :
15 min
Servings :
Cooking Level :
Poornima Pandey


  • 2/3 Cup White Sugar
  • 9 Teaspoons Cornstarch
  • 1/2 Teaspoon Salt
  • 3 Cups Milk
  • 1 Cup Half-and-Half
  • 1 Cup Peanut Butter
  • 2 Teaspoon Vanilla Extract


Step 1
Mix cornstarch, sugar and salt together in a saucepan.
Step 2
Add some milk and half and half to it gradually and bring to a boil.
Step 3
Reduce the flame and stir continuously to cook.
Step 4
Remove from heat and stir in peanut butter with vanilla essence.
Step 5
Refrigerate for 30 minutes and serve.