Holi is just around the corner and we can't keep calm! It is the festival of colours and delicious food. Holi is a big treat for all foodies, especially those who love sweets as delicious, mouth-watering gujiyas take over the celebrations. 

One of the most loved sweets across the country, gujiya is prepared during the Holi festival and that too in a wide variety, using different ingredients. If you have already started craving for this tasty treat then we have 3 quick recipes for you. 

We asked Chef Nishant Choubey to share easy and interesting gujiya recipes which we can try at home. Read on to know.

The Gujiya Dough

gujiya at home

The chef shared that the gujiya dough can be prepared using whole wheat flour, suji or semolina. Add some ghee and start to make a dough. Keep adding some water to get the dough consistency. After kneading the dough, keep aside for an hour. 

Pan Gujiya Stuffing

If you are a pan lover, this pan gujiya will be a treay for you. Pan flavoured gujiya is usually not available at sweet shops but you can make it at home using this easy recipe. 

In a bowl, mix mukhwas, chopped dates, khoya and dessicated coconut. Stuff the dough with this mixture. Seal it gently from all sides. Fry it in desi ghee and dip in sugar syrup. Serve. 

Kesar Gujiya Stuffing

kesar gujiya stuffing

Nothing like enjoying the rich flavour of kesar or saffron, dry fruits and khoya. This kesar flavoured gujiya is perfect to be served to guests at the Holi get together. 

Make a stuffing with khoya, dry fruits and saffron. Stuff the gujiya dough with this mixture. Dip it in kesar infused sugar syrup and serve.

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Khoya Pista Stuffing

This crunchy and mouth melting stuffed gujiya is a great recipe to try. It is again easy to prepare and tastes great. 

Make stuffing with crumbled khoya, sliced pista, chopped dates, sugar. Mix all the ingredients well. Stuff the dough with the mixture and fry. Dip in sugar syrup and serve.

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Tips To Keep In Mind While Making Gujiya

1. Make sure the oil is hot enough before you put in the gujiyas. Check the temperature by putting a small piece of dough first and if it quickly comes up, the oil is hot enough for the gujiyas.

2. Slide in just 2-3 gujiyas at once, don't overcrowd the kadai. (traditional holi recipes)

gujiya recipes easy

3. Flip the gujiyas carefully and deep fry till golden and crisp.

4. After preparing the gujiyas, take them out on a tissue paper and when cold, store in an air tight container if you want to keep them for long term use. 

5. If your dough start to feel dry, add little water and flour to it and knead again. 

6. You can also air fry or bake the gujiyas if you don't wish to fry them.

7. You can garnish gujiya with chandi work and chopped dry fruits as per your preference.

Do try these easy and interesting gujiya recipes at home this Holi. If you have any easy gujiya recipes to share then write to us on our Facebook page. 

For more such Holi recipes, stay tuned!