Wintertime is best enjoyed by gorging on various delicacies that can be easily made at home. While sugary desserts are very popular, the sweet gud recipes are healthy as well as tasty to the core. Have a look at a few interesting gud recipes that you can try out in winter season to wow everyone.

Coconut Gud Laddoo

gud laddoo

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Combine the sweetness of gud with the wholesome taste of coconut to prepare the delicious Coconut Gud Laddoo which can also be stored for a few days. For this, you only need to melt the gud in a kadahi on a low flame, keep stirring it and then add grated coconut plus cardamom powder. The quantity of gud should be such that the mixture is sticky enough to be made into balls or laddoos. Take it off the flame and while it’s hot, pick medium-sized portions and start rolling them with your palms which have been greased with a little oil.

Gud Papdi

gud papdi

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Gud Papdi, Golpapdi or Sukhdi is a Gujarati dish. To make this, melt ghee and sauté wheat flour in it on low flame till it turns light brown. Turn off the heat and add coconut, jaggery and cardamom powder and mix thoroughly as the jaggery melts. Now pour this mix on a thali greased with ghee nd sprinked with poppy seeds. Cut it into barfi-like pieces and let to cool to be made ready for consumption.

Gud Amchoori Launji

Boil 300gms whole amchoor in water. Heat cumin seeds oil and add kalonji, roasted cumin seeds, turmeric powder, coriander powder, chilli powder and add the boiled amchoor water at last. Now add 200 gm crushed gud and add water. Keep cooking this until it is of a thicker consistency.

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Gud Parantha

gud parantha

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Dissolve 3 cups gud into 1 cup milk which is being heated on low flame. Take 1.5 cups atta and mix 1/8 tsp soda and salt in it. Make dough of this with ghee, adding more milk. Take out portions and roll them into round shapes to make the parantha. This can be an excellent breakfast recipe with all the goodness of gud.

Gud Pathishapta

pathishapta gud

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In a kadahi melt the gud and add grated coconut, mixing them on a low flame. Add cardamom seeds and keep this mix aside. Make a mix of sooji, maida and rice flour with milk for a pancake-like consistency. Heat oil in a fry pan and make pancakes with this batter. When it turns a little brown then add the gud-coconut filling in centre and fold it on the two sides.

While these gud recipes with a twist will be enjoyed by everyone, you can also make the classic dishes with gud such as til gud gajak, peanut chikki, gud atta halwa, gud gulgule and more. To know more about recipes for winter season, recipe tips and all things food, keep reading HerZindagi.

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